Deborah Mauristhene


Young entrepreneur, Deborah Mauristhene, commonly known as “Deb” amongst her friends, and colleagues at Northeastern University, has tons of items on her daily “To Do” lists. Deb is a 25 year-old Northeastern University graduate who received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology minoring in Business Administration. She’s back at Northeastern University currently wrapping up the last semester of her Master of Science degree in Project Management with a concentration in Leadership. She will officially begin a second Master’s program, also at Northeastern University, for Corporate and Organizational Communications with a concentration in Social Media and Online Communities. Not at-all waiting to put to work the knowledge gained from her undergrad Business minor, in 2008, she founded Boston based event planning company, Illuminous Event Solutions (I.E.S ).

Adding to her roster, she recently founded VERSED Online in March 2011, which serves as a platform for emerging music artists and entrepreneurs. Not expecting for the lift-off to happen so sudden, VERSED Online has gained recognition from music industry personnel’s, music artists, entrepreneurs, and VERSED Online supporters; creating its personal national and international fan base. VERSED Online recently teamed up with one of the largest music sites, Reverbnation, for a three month campaign to provide a larger exposure platform for artists. With the VERSED Online site featuring interviews with the likes of Big Sean, Dorrough Music, Dwele, Adina Howard, Marques Houston, Maino, 9th Wonder, Charlie Wilson, and more, VERSED Online is here to make a difference. Deb Mauristhene is accomplishing a great deal at her age, and is proud to empower and be a shining light to other young adults her age. Between running her company and studying for midterms and finals, you can often catch Deb on Facebook spreading/sharing words of encouragement with her friends via her statuses. She looks forward to inspiring and empowering teen girls to think big and set positive thinking into motion; reminding them that they’re more than just their physical assets.

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