Ebony Jasmin Lewis

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Ebony Jasmin Lewis:

Was born and raised in the North Bronx, NY, to a British mother and Caribbean Father. She is a Pace University graduate, a member of the elite Writers Guild of America (WGA), New York Women In Film & Television (NYWIFT), American Federation of Television and Radio Artist , Screen Actors Guild (SAG/AFTRA).

Ebony is the Creator of hit web series turned National distributed feature film “Truth Unspoken” a thought evoking, suspenseful, love drama about life’s unexpected twists, turns and lessons.

Starting out as a popular web series, Truth Unspoken has been deemed one of the Top 10 Web series now turned feature film by Madame Noire.com, Loop21.com,Bronze Magazine and countless others. It’s been highly acclaimed by bloggers and received many honors by Online magazines and film industry movers & shakers. On Tuesday June 11th, 2013, Truth Unspoken will be released Nationally in North America and in Canada . It will be available in the largest commercial retail stores such as Walmart etc. It will also be available On Demand and Pay Per View while other cable network distributions deals are in the works.

Ebony has appeared on TV, movies, magazine print ads, hair products and book covers throughout the USA , Africa and Europe. She is also an accomplished musician and public speaker.

Ebony got her start in the film and production industry when she landed an internship with Black Entertainment Television (BET) . She went on to have a successful career in finance. While studying to become a stock broker, she realized that finance was not her truest calling. She then took a risk and jumped full-time into the film and entertainment industry. She had the wonderful opportunity to work on a short term assignment for Sony Pictures and the experience has opened her eyes first hand in knowing that “the sky is the limit”.

Living by her favorite phrase, “Busy people get things done” this trailblazing young woman has only cracked the surface of her potential as she has several projects in development.



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