Chris Arceneaux

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Chris Arceneaux, former 2007 Golf Channel Amateur Tour “Player of the Year”, grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana surrounded by the dangers of the streets. Chris was saved from a life in the streets because of a concerned neighbor who gave him his first club, and a relative who worked at a local golf course who took him under his wings. Chris had the opportunity to learn the great game of golf and all that the sport had to offer. Chris turned down an offer to peddle drugs because he knew it was wrong and because he had found something fulfilling golf. Golf saved his life.

Shortly after moving to New York in December 1996, Chris began playing at a noted golf course in Brooklyn, Dyker Golf Course. He then became a member of the Baychester Golf Club, quickly working his way through the ranks and receiving top awards year after year. Additionally, he has played on various PGA recognized golf courses throughout the tri-state area. From 2005-2007, Chris was a member of The Golf Channel Amateur Tour and there again had tremendous success. With the 29 amateur tournaments that are documented, Chris has won 17, over 60 percent, of them. In 2007, he competed against 200 golfers to receive the above mentioned honor of being the Golf Channel’s Amateur Tour “Player of the Year”.

His current USGA handicap is +1.3. With the success Chris experienced, he made the decision to pursue golf as a professional. In accordance, Chris took, and passed, the Professional Golfers Association PAT test, in October 2007, to receive his PGA certification. In achieving this feat, Chris shot even par (72) in his first round and 2 under par (70) in his second, with 9 birdies to his credit.

Chris Arceneaux is currently an Active member of the Hooters Professional Golf Tour, Tarheel (eGolf Tour), Golf Tour, Advocates Tour, NPGT Tour, and the PGA Tour He can be seen playing in some of the world’s largest professional PGA, Nationwide Monday Qualifiers on the professional tour.

Chris founded The Darby Foundation, in 2005 and incorporated it as a not-for-profit organization. With a mission to provide resources to children that children everywhere deserve education, hope and The Darby Foundation “SAVE A CHILD” Youth Enrichment Program teaches youth “SKILLS 4 LIFE” through Education, Recreation, Health & Fitness and Community Service. In addition, the foundation is a resource that provides scholarship opportunities for youth. The primary goal is to instill great core values and life skills through the game of golf and provide golf to schools across America. Golf is not just a sport; it is a game of integrity, and offers a holistic feeling that teaches discipline, respect and trustworthiness.

Chris passionately believes that children everywhere deserve education, hope and opportunity. Board members of this organization consist of individuals who have diverse professional backgrounds which include clergy, law, education and medicine.

Based in Roosevelt (Long Island), New York, The Darby Foundation is taking an active role in supplying a golf program and team building curriculum to children ages 5 – 18. The goal of The Foundation is to not only teach golf, but to teach chivalry, team work, determination and diligence. PRESTIGIOUS EVENTS OF THE FOUNDATION INCLUDES, CAREER FESTIVAL DAY HELD AT VARIOUS SCHOOLS, Kids Day Golf Tournaments, Annual Golf Outings” and the first “Moments of History Tour” which consisted of distinguished panelists who have made a significant contribution to the sport of golf and to American History.

The Darby Foundation is committed to partnering with businesses and community organizations to empower our youth such as Home Depot, Sanitation District #2, The Roosevelt Community Revitalization Group and Choice for All just to name a few. We are making every effort to actively engage in fundraising. Voluntary giving and other private donor involvement have steadily increased. Our fundraising includes the following components: foundation and Corporate Grant Seeking as well as major donor cultivation.

The Darby Foundation has successfully formed collaborations with various organizations which include: The Girl Scouts, Boys & Girls Club, Woodward Children’s Center, The Home Depot, The First Tee-P.S.40 and the Baychester Athletic Club. The supporters of the Darby Foundation include: Richard Caster, Julian Philips, Congressman Ed Towns, Dr. Bertrand Bonnick, Gene Mallory, Frederick Johnson/COMMUNION. Roosevelt Golf Association, Inc., Spices, LL Dent Restaurant, NJ Nets, and Retro Bar & Grill.

Because of Chris passion and love for the success of future generations and mankind at large, he is in demand of numerous speaking engagements. Chris is also a successful mortgage banker. He is married and has a handsome son and a beautiful daughter.

2007 Chris was instrumental in establishing the first golf program at P.S. 40, in Queens, New York. Golf could now be available to these children as part of their school curriculum.


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