Frenchie Davis

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Frenchie Davis is a sex health educator, radio show host and producer, writer, performer, and activist. In the early 90’s she was coined the Erotic Poet Princess for her young profound take on Intimacy and Relationships. She is an internationally respected and influential voice on Emotional Health and Sexuality. Her lectures, workshops and feature on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam for her performance of her socially charged poem, “Fucking Ain’t Conscious” has secured her as a household name in several arenas. Davis is one of the few women to spin Erotica into a career and maintain what she proudly refers to as “Sexual Integrity”. Flexing her diversity between the entertainment and professional dome she’s lectured and performed at more than 50 universities and colleges across the United States, Germany, Canada and the UK; hosting poetry series throughout her hometown Detroit, Michigan and participating as the associate producer for Def Poetry Jam contest series in Detroit, Michigan. As a writer and performer she has shared the stage with many greats opening for Trey Songz , Musiq, Common, Mos Def, Sonia Sanchez, Nikki Giovanni, The Last Poets, World African Festival of Detroit Michigan, Detroit Windsor Dance Company and many others but her most sacred stage is a classroom, community center, city council office or church where she discusses the decline of family, love, and sexual adversities impacting America. Her voice is firm, laughable, loveable, deliberate, tender, grounded and at times devious.

Davis currently host and produces the only sex health talk radio show on the eastern seaboard at WBAI 99.5fm of New York City. Libido Talk Radio Show is an empirically based, comprehensive sexuality education format that engenders sex-positive conversations and dialogue on the widely varying world of Human Sexuality. Frenchie is a specialist in “Emotional Health” completing her Maters of Education and pursuing her Ph.D. in Human Sexuality. Davis is the founder of her company Libido Talk LLC., which hails to revolutionize sex education and intimacy awareness across the country. She is a certified HIV tester, a specialist in Sexual Reproductive Anatomy and Puberty, Teen Sexuality and promoting healthy relationships among adolescent youth and adults Frenchie has her work cut out for her. Whether she’s on a couch, in a classroom, stage or radio show you’ll be infected by the love and unconventional wisdom she’s certain to spread. Frenchie is certain to revolutionize how we perceive ourselves and sexuality within and at large.

2 thoughts on “Frenchie Davis”

  1. Frenchie, I totally support your conscious raising efforts and frank comments on human sexuality. It is enlightening and educational to have an open forum discussion that keeps it ‘real’. Thank you for being so forthright…Please can you pump up the discussion to address sexuality in senior adults, as people age desires do not die they just change in duration.

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