19 thoughts on “Radio Category”

  1. Jermaine “Jay Everyday” Smith deserves it, for his outstanding dedicated and passionate work he does, love it

  2. Jay is dedicated to giving positive people a platform to share their message, show their talent and shine in the community. He is greatly appreciated.

  3. Barbara, The Beautiful Stranger’s dedication to community alone should be a testament to her receiving this award. Her hard work ethic and positive demeanor speaks volumes of her leadership and ability to represent an organization like Black Street! Definitely the clear winner!

  4. Jay has been consistent, and hardworking in his craft whether its been radio or theater, he has used his God given gifts to impact everyday people.

  5. Barbara has been about community service and radio for as long as I’ve known her! She has put others before herself time and time again! I can’t wait till she wins this award!

  6. Nakeisha J. said:

    Good luck Jay – congrats to the nominees. Wishing you continue success

  7. Mamie K said:

    Wishing you the best that the world can offer~ You are great in what you do..
    Blessings always


  8. Desiree B said:

    Barbara has the ability to enter ones life through her warm personality . She is determined, intelligent , beautiful , humble and would be so thankful to receive this award . Keep it up we are all so proud of u !

  9. Jay Everyday is a motivator, inspirator, rejuvenator and excellent communicator ~~ Ya Gotta Luv Him

  10. 1,000 words would not be enough to properly sum up the merits of Barbara Lynn De Laleu. I will just offer a few to provide a glimpse of why she is deserving of the best that life has to offer. She is rich in spirit, strength, conviction, honesty, compassion, vision, creativity, persistence, endurance, beauty and intelligence. With all this she remains humble and of service to others. Her talent and drive know no bounds. She is clearly a winner in so many regards!

  11. Alfred Smith said:

    She keeps our days beautiful. Keep repping and go hard from CLEAN UP ENT.

  12. Barbara Lynn De Laleu has always done for the community, She’s well deserving of this award.

  13. jeff bonhomme said:

    Keep doing your thing Lynn

  14. Jay “every day” has my vote any day!!!! Thank you for continuing your hard work and dedication in the industry.

  15. Jay “Every Day” All day!

  16. Christine Foster said:

    My vote is for Barbara Lynn de Laleu. She is beautiful in spirit and her heart is for the betterment of the people around her. She speaks her truth and as we listen, we are no longer afraid to speak ours. Keep shining your light lady!!!

  17. The Beautiful Stranger! She’s memorable and impacting. Warm, friendly and humorous. Entertaining beyond measure! She’s a winner!

  18. My vote is for Frenchie Davis’s Libido Talk which the BEST and only dialogue on human sexuality/relationships in the community…..

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