Turquoise Johnson


Born and raised in East Orange, New Jersey Turquoise is the youngest of three children, after her parents divorced Turquoise’s family moved to East Orange where Turquoise attended Whitney E. Houston academy of Creative and Performing Arts. There Turquoise studied theater and dance. While studying dance and theater she met Ms. Karen Williams. “She was the first person that really saw me, she was the first person to identify my learning disability, but also she was the first person to take me to the theater”-Johnson. Becoming a single mother at the age of 19, Turquoise was introduced to Walfare( State Assistance) for the first time. “I always knew that if you have to go on Walfare you get what you need out of it, go to school and get off of it, there is more to life than being on welfare.” After completing school to become a Medical Assistant Turquoise began to intern at St.Michael’s Medical Cancer Center where she saw the real side of cancer first time.

Medical Assistant turned Philanthropist, Turquoise Johnson is the Owner and Founder of Hairless 4 Her Awareness Inc. aka H4HAInc. After the passing of her elementary school teacher in 2010 of Metastatic Breast Cancer .Turquoise got the drive and ambition to start a non-profit organization in honor of her teacher and the many patients she meet while working as a Medical Assistant. After getting laid off from her job in March 2011 Turquoise took her first unemployment check and started the organization.

Hairless 4 Her Awareness is a non-profit organization that conceptualized after founder Turquoise Johnson decided to part ways with her hair to honor a former teacher Ms. Karen Williams lost her battle to breast cancer. Since 2011, Hairless 4 Her Awareness has been dedicated to promoting awareness for breast cancer through community outreach and engagement. The organization has built a strong foundation by celebrating the lives of the women affected by the disease. In one year, Hairless 4 Her Awareness has become a strong support system for patients without health coverage and adult women under forty. Known for their heart-tugging visual campaigns, Hairless 4 Her Awareness is gearing up to become a leader in breast cancer awareness.




2 thoughts on “Turquoise Johnson”

  1. Nazarina V. Mwakasege said:

    I have known Turquoise since I was about 10 years old and I can’t even begin to express how proud I am of her for honoring the memory of our beloved music teacher and for the work she continues to do for women suffering from Breast Cancer. So happy for her, and wishing her all the success in the world.

  2. Colleen said:

    I have had the honor of crossing paths with Turquoise and her amazing organization. The passion and mission behind the organization is so evident and I know she will continue to expand and reach her targeted population. Turquoise is so dedicated and commited to promoting awareness to breast cancer as well as helping the under served; the use of her emotional and powerful campaigns are incredible. I can’t wait to see all of the positive and goodness that is yet to unfold for Turquoise and H4HA!

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