59 thoughts on “Non-Profit Category”

  1. Jeanine Reeves said:

    Mr. Anthony Sumpter Sr. once called himself a late bloomer perhaps that is true. However some of us are seasoned with time and in this time Mr. Sumpter has become the embodiment of son; a father; a brother; a mentor; unselfishness and a friend.

  2. Jeanine Reeves said:

    ” It takes a village ” … and Anthony Sumpter Sr. understands that…he is not afraid to share knowledge that leads to motivation…that’s why I’m motivated to show my support because Mr. Sumpter Sr. is an asset!!!

  3. Carolyn edwards said:

    Mr. Sledge has done so much for so many people and he has definitely touched so many lives with his unselfishness . He gives to the communities and such a great mentor. This is a well deserved award.

  4. Miserydane Diversity said:

    Mr. Sumpter, is a role model, he stands up for what is right.

  5. Mr Georges Bossous,great job against child sexual abused,everyone knows about it!he de
    serves a lot!

  6. Lareche Anne-Carine said:

    Mr Georges Bossous is doing a great job againts child sexual abuse, specially in Haiti! He deserves it!

  7. Immacula Edith Prophete said:

    Mr Georges Bossous is doing a great job againts child sexual abuse! He deserves it

    • I ve been around Georges for a while, I know for sure that he is doing his best to fight Child Sexual Abuse in Haiti and in the US. he definitly deserve to get this Award§

  8. marceline said:

    Georges. Love the kids,he can help them.

  9. Alourdes Pierre said:

    All the best Georges! keep up the good work

  10. The subject of child sexual abuse should definitely be included in the reconstruction of Haiti and having Mr. Georges Bossous leading Word and Action to implement a structure based on our culture to deal with child sexual abuse is to be supported. I am proud of your work and I am sure there are many mothers just like myself who appreciate your devotion to that cause. I command you for your work.

  11. Roberta Theoc said:

    Georges Bossous, Jr.
    The children needs protection and looking after and no child deserves to be abuse, especially sexually. Their innocents are taken from them. Abuse children grow up with so many problems that manifest in their adult life. We
    Good job George,you got my vote.

  12. Roberta Theoc said:

    Georges Bossous, Jr.
    The children needs protection and looking after and no child deserves to be abuse, especially sexually. Their innocents are taken from them. Abuse children grow up with so many problems that manifest in their adult life.
    Good job George,you got my vote.

  13. Great person!!

  14. fase2fase said:

    mwen avec ou ;’fok nou sove timoun yo;’

  15. ANNE MARIE ISSA said:


  16. I vote for Georges Bossous because he does like the children and he’s very kind and intelligent

  17. Judith Mills for her inestimable fight against lupus

  18. Vote for Judith Mills…her fight for Lupus awareness

  19. Judith Mills is fighting against LUPUS . shes doing a good job in Africa. showing how not to get affected.

  20. Eric A. said:

    If you love your life, you care about others, you care about your children, and you love the world then reseach what LUPUS can do to us, it’s deadly, silent killer.
    The cause of Lupus is unknown, is a disease that causes inflammation in many different parts of the body, inflammation is a process that causes part of the body to become hot, swollen, or red. It can affect the skin, causing a rash, or the joints causing arthritis. It can also cause inflammation to organs you cannot see such as kidneys, heart, lungs, and the nervous system and many more.
    VOTE JUDITH MILLS For the selfless fight aginst Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or Lupus in Africa.

  21. Natalie Davis Richardson said:

    Vote for Mychal Sledge, he has given so much as a mentor and leader in the community. He has worked with challenging youth and turned them around to be productive young men and women. The mentorship programs and structural socialization has provided these youth with new foundations that will lead them to degrees rather than jail.

  22. judith mills is a great person vote for her .
    I who has lupus and am only 11 she helps . me be in good shape Vote for her.

  23. Georges, Word and Action you can change the life of the children in Haiti. Go Georges for all over the time. We appreciate you.thank you don’t give up.

  24. Franklin Puello said:

    Mr Sledge has been a Great Role Model, Mentor, Teacher and family to so many for so long the numbers are staggering
    Congratulations on just recognition

  25. Maureen Brewster said:

    Mychal Sledge has served the NYC Communities for several years. From Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island, his commitment to giving back and serving is paramount. Mychal Sledge has demonstrated his mentoring and leadership skills in his professional and personal life. Mychal Sledge has expanded on the teachings of some of our most profilic authors such as Budda, Ghandi and Confuscious.
    Mychal Sledge’s unwavering passion for our youths should not go unnoticed. He contineously gives of his time, resources and heart to those who are in need, by connecting those who need a pair of ears to listen, a hug, a voice of reason and a show of understanding and compassion; Mychal Sledge has the ability to move minds and hearts to service one another regardless of age, race or gender. His commitment to diversity exceeds the normal standards of a philanthropist and is a shining example of why we all should serve in our communities.

  26. Denise Bannerman said:

    Mychal Sledge is an awesome leader, mentor, activist and so much more. He has taken steps into the areas of the community where others are reluctant to go. He looks beyond the street appearance of the youth that have been given a label of “a hood from the hood” and reached down into the hearts and up into the minds of these young individuals and gave them an alternative route to take and yes, many have taken and excelled. He has paved a path for the families that don’t have the resources to continue as a family and connected them to resources that have not been disclosed to them for their survival as a family unit.

    For those that know Mychal Sledge, know the cause, know his passion and know the purpose of the Sledge Group. For those who don’t, take a second to click on his bio and look at the website and see the strides that have been and continue to be made by this awesome brother and his organization.

  27. I support Marie-Gabie because she is so positive and upbeat about branding Haiti. She deserves to be on that list

  28. Josephine Stith said:

    I support Michael Sledge and wish him the best.

  29. I vote for Judith Mills for the fact that she lives by example that Lupus will not ruin her life. In her struggles she still advocates for others and has finished school in her condition.

  30. Will "Shihan Bo" Allen said:

    Salutaions & Support for Mychal Sledge, he is an outstanding & untiring advocate for helping in Urban Communities – Mr. SLEDGE DESERVES THIS AWARD- MY VOTE IS FOR MR. MYCHAL SLEDGE!

  31. Freeman Ngwazi said:

    Go baby go your efforts will pay the dividence.

  32. Will "Shihan Bo" Allen said:


  33. COmfort sodimu said:

    Good luck Judith!

  34. sean crier said:

    Mr. Sledge is shinnig a shinnig light in our community. He pours all he has into our youth to make a diffrence in thier lives.

  35. Ada Attah said:

    Keep up the great work Judith!!

  36. Frances Dorman said:

    Judith does fantastic work to raise awareness of Lupus. Even from here in London it is easy to see that she is a great role model.

  37. Lakima lewis said:

    Congratulations my vote will count ,

  38. Yayra Esi Wuleme said:

    May the Lord God bless you for this great work you are doing.

  39. LaVar Young does a great job helping others in the community. Good luck!

  40. J. Ebron said:

    When Turquoise Johnson walked in church one Sunday morning with her hair cut off I loved it! I thought she was “going natural” but when she told me she cut it off in honor of someone going through/passed away from breast cancer I loved it even more. cutting off her hair and starting her organization was a bold move and I pray she continues to make more bold moves in saving the women and not the boobies. 🙂

  41. bola Ade said:

    I rely like your performance

  42. Timothy Fasheun said:

    Passionate efforts from a youth

  43. Agboola Onumonu Solanke said:

    I vote for Lilian Ajayi for the Black street non profit award. God bless and Thank you.

  44. Agboola Onumonu Solanke said:

    I voted for Lilian Ajayi for the Black street non profit award. God bless and Thank you.

  45. Onika Amos said:

    Great person & she does great work!

  46. Utakawhite said:

    A hero deserve the best lilian i Know what u are capable of doin, ililian ajayi.u got my vote 4 black street non profit award.god bless

  47. Lawanda ports-hughes said:

    Congratulations on your nomination! Keep up the excellent work, I’m very proud of your success! Keep making a difference every where you go.

    Mrs. Ports

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