42 thoughts on “Music Category”

  1. Marckel Lubin said:

    Wish I could vote for all…But at this time Mr. Guillaume got mine vote.Whatever the outcome is you’re all winners if you’re holding down for the LORD. Shalom!

  2. My vote my count here but the real vote and reward comes from the Lord!!!! If you all are doing work for the Glory of God then you all are winners!!!!

  3. dolly c l mendez said:


  4. Samantha said:

    I love Esnavi’s music. Her sultry voice mixed with good music is my ‘must have’ when on the train, in the car, or at home relaxing. “Someday” is one of my favorites. I will be checking out some of the other artists listed as well. Good Luck Everyone!

  5. B Bradford said:

    Esnavi is one of the hardest working artist I know. She is definitely deserving of this nomination. Congrats E!

  6. I’m voting for Esnavi. What she’s accomplished since the release of her album is phenomenal

  7. marie danielle attid said:

    Go Dickson!

  8. E-S-N-A-V-I

  9. Jacqueline Gray said:

    My vote goes to Esnavi. She is definitely deserving of this nomination. Congrats E and much success is ahead of you.

  10. Got to vote for Esnavi. Her music is so inspiring.

  11. mightylions1 Media told me to vote for Greg Banks!


  13. My vote goes to Dickson Guillaume! God uses him mightly, he’s the real deal! from Marly

  14. Vote is for my dear son in the ministry Dickson Guillaume! from Myreille Daniel

  15. Blandine Regis said:

    Dickson Guillaume is truly a musical GENIUS! He writes straight from the heart as God gives it to him. His music grabs the attention of both old & young. His creativity to deliver the message of Jesus Christ in English or Creole/French can be felt whether your Haitian or not. Not too many leaders like him are acknowledged enough. For all the tears & sleepless nights he pours out for people may he be rewarded openly! Let’s give honor where it is due.

  16. Good Luck Greg!! Keep following your DREAMS!! Wonderful Music, Great Spirit!!

  17. I voted for Greg Banks because @mightylions1 told me to! He has great music.

  18. Fashion Me Chic said:

    Esnavi gotta have this one. She is sure fire. That girl can sing.

  19. Colleen Williams said:

    Dickson…You got my vote!!!!

  20. Haha you can all give up now, @mightylions1 told everyone to vote for Greg Banks. Contest is over.

  21. greg banks 🙂

  22. roy hall said:

    Keep up the good work my purple knight brother much love keep up all the great work…

  23. Shanique Hayes said:

    Love Miss Ebony Ross & her music! When she sings she speaks to my soul! I hope she wins this cause she is very dedicated to her music! And she helps to speak life into people through her words & music!

    • Ebony L. Ross said:

      Thank You Shanique! I sing from my heart…..if it provides an outlet for others to seek the MOST HIGH thru listening then I know that HE is pleased. Hugs/Blessings!

  24. melvin shepheard said:

    I vote for ebony a true women of god, who help people who cares for youth and great daughter to her mother.

    • Ebony L. Ross said:

      Thank you Melvin! I believe we must be a blessing to others. It is not a ME thing, but instead a WE thing. God bless you!

  25. Greg Banks is the new maxwell! LOOK AT THAT HAIR!!!! HE GOT THIS!!! HOW CAN HE NOT COME IN FIRST PLACE!

    – Judah

  26. aiio guerrero said:

    Ebony a woman for all seasons.

  27. vincent said:

    Vote for my baby virl ebbs power house vocalist sings soulful music…..the future beyonce

  28. vincent said:

    E ony ross all the way lets goooooo

  29. Karlene said:

    I have had the pleasure of hearing Ebony Ross in person and her voice has a clarity that literally gave me chills. You can hear the passion in her voice when she sings.

    • Ebony L. Ross said:

      Thank you Karlene! I appreciate your continued support. May God’s peace be with you until we meet again. Blessings!

  30. Esnavi’s music changed my life! Go E

  31. Nite Crawler Productions said:

    Greg Banks is Awesome!!
    Marlene Duperly is Unique!!

  32. Ebony. U go get ’em’ girl.

  33. James Horton said:

    Let da best lady win, Go RAH!

  34. Tina Zackery said:

    Happy to see family in the mix Praying for you

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