24 thoughts on “Literature Category”

  1. stephanie barthe said:

    Voting for Don clitandre for the best lerature nominee

  2. Christy Walter Womble said:

    Even through tough times he hang in there, he did not let life discourage him instead he defeated its challenges to achieve his dreams.Therefore, i vote for Don Clitandre for the best literature nominee!!!

  3. Paddeysha said:

    my vote will go for Don Clitandre because he is the best Lirature nominee and i sure of that….

  4. carol Charles said:

    Awesome book!

  5. Placed my vote for the one and only Carolyn A. Butts ! 🙂

  6. he worth it ,good work

  7. Glenda A Hicks said:

    Carolyn A Butts has done a spectacular job for the past 20 years as Founder and Publisher of AFRICAN VOICES MAGAZINE,spotlightng Black writers,poets and artists.

    • Dee Johnson said:

      has done a spectacular job with African Voices providing a venue to feature those who too often go unrecognized
      Thanks Carolyn

    • Carolyn Butts is an extraordinary beacon of light and a veritable force of nature for the literature of Black Folks. She does DuBois, The Dark Tower, Langston and Zora and all those who have paved the way PROUD! For 20 years and counting she has published, produced and awarded our GENIUS. From magazines, concerts, award programs and film festivals: our STORIES are treasured and exalted in her arms and heart! THANK YOU CAROLYN for never letting lack of funding stop you!

  8. Don is productive man, an artist of this century. My vote goes for him.

  9. Lorraine Currelley said:

    Carolyn Butts is such a wonderful choice. She has and continues to work and support the arts and humanities. Her contributions and efforts have blessed the community at large as well as individuals.

  10. Glenda Cadogan said:

    Dedication, growth, leadership and staying power: These are the reasons I voted for Carolyn Butts.

  11. Carolyn A.Butts indomitable spirit, range of activities and commitment puts her at the top of my list!!

  12. Elizabeth said:

    Carolyn Butts gets my vote. She is resourceful and a wonderful advocate for writers and artists in our community.

  13. I am not surprised that Carolyn was nominated. She is such an inspired dynamo of a person. She is always working for the art community.

  14. Cesi Davidson said:

    Carolyn Butts has demonstrated the dedication, perseverance and artistic insight that is needed to preserve the on going contribution of the peoples of the African diaspora to the literary community through African Voices magazine.

  15. victoria stancil said:

    Carolyn Butts’ dedication to artists and writers in the Black community, is a gift that spreads to so many!!!

  16. Nadege Denis said:

    First of all I would like to congratulate all the nominees who made it to the finals! I cast my vote for Don Clitandre for his wonderful work and how he brings life to his writing. He so deserved to be awarded this prize. In my circle, his work is being discussed and the subject is so actual and touching! This book is a must read…

  17. Dr. Juanita Kirton said:

    Carolyn A. Butts:
    You go Girl! you have given back so much to the Black writing community, especially your support for women.
    Thank you,

  18. M Karen Niles said:

    GO CAROLYN B. GO!!!!!

  19. Kwabena Ap Nefer Heru Anan said:

    Every institution needs a beacon who is tenacious and full of fire to go on…that is Carolyn Butts!

  20. Clarice Smith said:

    Carolyn, keep up the GOOD WORK!

  21. how can we see the standings in the vote

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