Melissa P. Bernier Esq.


Since the age of four, Melissa recognized that her primary career path was to be a lawyer. With a Bachelor’s in Politics from New York University and a J.D. from Hofstra University School of Law, Melissa set her sights on assuring that she gained the experience needed to secure her place in the legal pool.

Employed within a myriad of firms specializing in the areas of immigration, family/matrimonial law and criminal defense, Melissa encompasses a passion for helping others. If by chance her ambition of being an attorney was never to come true, she would continue to see herself in a profession of service, such as a teaching or nursing. Her desire to aid those in need branches from her own idols in life. With her “Midas touch,” Oprah has inspired a plethora of fans and has reached seemingly insurmountable heights; Russell Simmons, a true mogul; and Carla Harris, author of “Expect to Win”, taught Melissa to believe in herself, maintain a positive God-fearing attitude and how to come out on top in a male-dominated industry. Last but certainly not least, her mother, Marie Bernier, who taught her everything she knows and is the pinnacle person she strives to be.

Melissa’s career path started with the position of Research Editor on the Hofstra Labor and Employment Law Journal; a legal internship at the New York Division of Human Rights; Law clerk at AFSCME District Council 37; Clerk for the Honorable Gregory Carro in New York County Criminal Court; and various Legal Consultant positions for law firms in New York City.

Melissa has not only kept her knowledge of law in the states, but has traveled abroad during her legal career. During her years at Hofstra University School of Law, Melissa had the esteemed honor to study abroad under the direction of Justice Antonin Scalia, of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Currently licensed in New York State, Melissa belongs to widespread bar associations as well as influential entrepreneurial groups:

•Member of the New York State Bar; New York County Lawyers’ Association; Metropolitan Black Bar Association; and the Brooklyn Bar Association

•Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers’ Association (BESLA); Association of Black Women Attorneys; and the Haitian American Caucus

Bernier Legal, LLC is a dream that has manifested into reality. One thing that Melissa holds true to her heart is the fact that her family isencouraging, espeicially her parents who are both supportive entrepreneurs in the own right. They’ve passed on their values, lessons and guidance to their daughter, whose future endeavors are to expand her practice both in size and location in order to pursue her path into entertainment and fashion law, representing top entertainers, designers and artists while still catering to the community at large.

“Do what you love. When you love your work, you become the best worker in the world.” – Uri Geller

Melissa’s love for being an attorney comes from the field’s versatility and extensive ability to truly help people. Most importantly, it allows her to fulfill her life’s purpose.

4 thoughts on “Melissa P. Bernier Esq.”

  1. I cast my vote for Melissa any day. She examplifies what a true lawyer is: consistently thriving to better herself, push forward and most importantly provide tge best service to her clients. She is an amazing person with an amazing soul! Her love for her career transpires through her work: impacable! Go Melissa!

  2. Dr. Brendan C. Francis said:

    I truly hope that Melissa wins. She has done so much for the Haitian- American community. She represents her community well!
    I fully support Melissa!
    May God grant Melissa the victory!

  3. Wonderful lady attorney, with her track record, I fore see her traits as a progressive legal mind that takes her own view to view the world as a exceptional visionary legal mind to benefit the future issues in all her directions that the law allows. I being a Private Investigator, I checked her out and she is good to go, stay strong woman power , lead us all with justice for all.

  4. nitrasit said:

    I vote for Melissa she is worthy of this honor!!! Thank you for being the shining star you are and caring for our community we need more people like you out here!

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