Gregory O. Smiley

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In 2011 Gregory was appointed as a Regional Representative (Kings County) for Governor Andrew Cuomo. In this capacity he serves as the principal liaison, in Kings County, to members of the State Legislature, U.S. Congress, partner agencies, associations, councils, coalitions, and advocacy groups to promote Governor Cuomo’s agenda for the State of New York. Gregory is also responsible for outreach in the community of color throughout New York State.

Gregory started his public service career over a decade ago. He has advocated at the United Nations for a Non-Governmental Organization; shortly after he received the D’Agostino Greenberg scholarship in Law and Public Policy, allowing him to work with the general counsel of New York City Media Group (NYCTV).

Thereafter he served as the Committee Clerk for the New York State Assembly Racing and Wagering committee as well as a legislative aide for the 2007 chair of the Assembly Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus. Gregory was eventually recruited by the office of Government Relations for the largest urban university system in the United States.

Gregory advocated for the university’s agenda to the New York State Legislature, Governor’s office, the Division of the Budget and the New York City Council. Gregory was instrumental in the universities ability to maintain its 2.9 billion dollar budget.

Gregory has worked on multiple political campaigns; in 2008 he served as Special Assistant to the Nevada State Director of Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign. Mr. Smiley aided in strategy development, coalition building, organizing and identifying areas for Get-Out-The-Vote initiatives. He was selected and served as an alternate pledge delegate at the 2012 Democratic National Convention for Pres. Obama.

1 thought on “Gregory O. Smiley”

  1. Pedro Pinela said:

    Truly a man that pushes to see positive changes in peoples lives a man of honor.

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