20 thoughts on “Law & Politics Category”

  1. @caramelqueen21 said:

    Go Candice

  2. Been following her story for a while. She represents Authority, grace, and style.

  3. Nancy Francois said:

    Melissa is a genuine person who sits on boards and works with many organizations to come up with the many legal situations plaguing many in the Haitian business culture. Not to mention she mentors and helps the youth in her community that go to her for legal council on their entrepreneurial pursuits. Great job and keep it up. Our community need more selfless individuals like you to solidify their marks legitimately.

  4. Melissa Bernier is a great leader who is devoted her talents and time to help build up the Haitian youth who have been neglected/

    Frantz Turene MBA

  5. Nadene Reid said:

    Good luck Melissa

  6. Congratulations to all nominees. Specially Melissa. Good for you girl.

  7. Dearest Melissa; It is not only myself who voted for you today but, our 72 orphans and under-served children at our “the Future Of Haiti orphanage” http://www.foho.us You are going to win and it will be a win for us too. AOL – Abundance Of Love.

  8. Shanita Dyer said:

    Melissa, you have my vote! Stay noble, diligent, faithful, and motivated! May God bless you and your hard work because greater are His rewards!

  9. Marie B said:

    Go Bernier, keep up the faith and the work you do for the community. It’s appreciated and It’s important.

    Peace & harmony,

  10. You’ve got this…you’re a Bernier!

  11. Thank you Guershom Francois 🙂 for supporting her.

  12. This is amazing again I shall vote for Melissa P. Bernier especially since she truly supports the youth in the Haitian American community.

  13. nitrasit said:

    Go Melissa!!! Go!!!

  14. Dr. Brendan C. Francis said:

    Melissa Bernier, Good luck to a good Haitian American Advocate and role model!
    I have cast my vote for you, the best!

  15. Natalie said:

    Gregory O. Smiley is such a remarkable individual and exemplifies what drive and dedication can result in. Wishing him nothing but the best.

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