Sasha Watson

BS 1


CEO and Fashion Stylist of DiVine Styling (Where Individuality and Fashion Meet) and Founder of Non-Profit Organization Modernistic Inc (We make a Difference). I have always had a passion for fashion and at a young age I began to express myself through my style. My passion and drive for fashion increased when I started working at The Gap. At The Gap, I joined the visual team and worked directly with customers who wanted a specific “look.” Customers would come in asking for the exact outfits I put on the mannequins and I started to build relationships with customers who were considered regulars. These customers would come into the store and ask me to dress them for interviews and help them with their wardrobe for the season.

While working at The Gap I started school at Berkley where I studied Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, which has given me more choices in the fashion industry. With the knowledge I gained from school, experiences, and my own personal love for fashion I started DiVine Styling in 2009 sitting at my full time job. I chose the name DiVine because the word itself means of supreme excellence or worth, and God used the word a lot in the Bible when referring to devoted worshipers and servants. Furthermore, I strive to be a DiVine woman every day; I strive for excellence, and most importantly, I strive to share my gift with the world. Every Wednesday I share a fashion tip on Twitter, which I refer to as #DiVineStylingTip. Each week is a different style for a different occasion that expresses all types of fashion. I also do photo shoots with upcoming models and artist, I also do hair, makeup, and other behind the senses work.


3 thoughts on “Sasha Watson”

  1. Shahidah Armstrong said:

    I nominate Sasha Watson in the category if Fashion for the BCA 2013.

  2. David Jenkins said:

    Wonderful woman full of joy and the best in the fashion industry! !!!!!!
    From David Jenkins Ceo of DavidWayneHairStudioInc.

  3. Charnet Johnson said:

    I NOMINATE Sasha Watson in the fashion category for the BCA 2013

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