Ronnette Cox


Ronnette Cox (aka Pret-a-Porte – Ready- to-Wear) is a Guyanese fashion and graphic designer currently living in Brooklyn. She is the owner of Per Diem NY Clothing Co, Per Diem Vision Graphic Design and most recently the founder of the urban youth foundation; Borough. ”I am a creative fanatic!” Ms Cox recently declared, “I love being around, discussing with and helping other creative’s, the Borough foundation allows me to do this and I am truly excited!”

The foundation is a huge piece of the vision Ms. Cox has worked tirelessly towards since starting in the fashion industry at the age of 19. After designing for different department stores and notable brands like Sean John Kids and Nautica Kids, she then went on to launch Per Diem New York, her very own clothing line and store, at the age of 24 she was the youngest merchant on her block. Currently Ms. Cox is swiftly pushing forward with plans for the re-opening of the Per Diem NY shop, the 2013 lunch of the Per Diem NY line, the newly created Pret-a-Porte line and the continued development of her foundation. Her personal mission is to inspire young people to use their talents to create opportunity and become leaders.


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