Euridice Pattrice Burns

BS 1

Pattrice Burns is the owner of Euridice’s Mix and Match clothing boutique which was founded in 2009, in Brooklyn, New York. She has always had a love for fashion as a small child growing up in Brooklyn and she wanted to live out my dream of one day owning my own business and brand. Pattrice Burns has attended the High School for Fashion Industries were she learned to design, sew, and make patterns for clothing. As she grew into the woman that she is today she has become involved with other careers such as teaching and becoming a caseworker for the City of New York. Pattrice has completed an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, she has also completed a Bachelors Degree in Business Applied Management and also have earned Graduate credits from Long Island University working to complete my Masters Degree in Public Administration, but she has never stopped perusing my dream of one day being a famous Fashion stylist for the Fashion Industry or a major Designer of my own company or a large fashion corporation. Pattrice has been involved in small events contributing back to neighborhood, such as fashion shows, talents shows, styling for events, weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, etc. Growing up as a child watching my mother who had sewn clothing for a living and decorated for people in the communities giving me the professionalism, dedication, consistency and great eye for the Fashion and style that she has. Pattrice feels that she was born with a great eye for great style and great pieces such as clothing and accessories. Pattrice has also created and maintained a Blog called Euridice’s Mix and Match. When Pattice is not working she is on her Blog.

You can view it Euridice’s Mix and Match has received almost 7,000 views on the blog today. Consumers love the styles Pattrice posts and they love the tips and daily advice on maintaining and budgeting your daily looks if your on a budget or not. Fashion is my life and she will never give up on my dreams.

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