Barri Littlejohn


BS 1


Barri Littlejohn is an American fashion stylist & editor who has been a defining force on the fashion front of music and entertainment for over 10 years. Entrusted to create the images of her clients, Barri has worked with many high profile names within the industry including Mary J. Blige, Jamie Foxx, Regina King, Veronica Webb, Lil’ Wayne and Eve to name a few.

Barri’s range of skills are as diverse as her portfolio. She is a catalyst with the creativity and skill used to develop ideas that inevitably produce culture. Her work has graced the pages of magazines such as VIBE, Rolling Stone, Honey, Uptown, XXL as well as prominent music and entertainment based clients including B.E.T., Universal Records, Interscope, J Records and Sony Music among others..


1 thought on “Barri Littlejohn”

  1. Barri,
    Congratulations on winning first place in the 2013 Fashion Category! You deserve the honor.

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