OMG! Fashion

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My name is Amillia Moore, I am one of the designers and the Owner of OMG! Fashion. OMG! Fashion is a customized sunglasses design company. Founded in Milwaukee, WI, by CO-Owners June (age 31) and Amillia Moore(age 27) , a couple with no educational background in fashion, but a passion for fashion. We started OMG! Fashion shades, as a way to generate income as we were both unemployed, We started with a pair of old sunglasses, and we added some lace around the frame and they looked cool, I wore them out and people would stop me and say Oh My Gosh! where did you get your sunglasses? people could not believe we made these sunglasses ourselves. June took a couple pairs to a local store in Milwaukee and the owner loved them and showcased them in his store. That is when we knew we had a great product! The name OMG! Fashion came from our customers, The first thing our customers say when they see our products is Oh My Gosh!

OMG is making statements from New York to Baltimore, Philadelphia to LA and everywhere in between. Our unique fashion forward designs always cause heads to turn and jaws to drop. Each beautifully detailed creation is made by hand and is quality-crafted to ensure durability and a unique, one of a kind design. No shades are exactly the same. We use high quality materials such as 100% leather and Swarovski crystals. Additionally spikes, chains, lace, studs and pearls are used to create frames that compliment every wardrobe. We guarantee high quality and craftsmanship in every frame, we use the pinhole concept which in some cases help improve vision while wearing them.

Why we should be nomonatied for BLACK STREET, Our Story will capture the audience attention. We are young black enterpeniers and we started from nothing and are taking the right steps to become a household name.We are passionate and believe in OMG! Fashion shades, We want to show every person that has a a dream that they are struggling to keep faith that their dreams will become reality, to keep pushing! because Dreams do come true!

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