72 thoughts on “Fashion Category”

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  2. Precisely some tips i was looking for, thankyou for adding.

  3. Karen Marie Robinson said:

    Blessings to Barri in the completion. May you find favor with God and man!

  4. wishing my brother all the best!! he sure deserves it!! @Estifanos Berta-samuel.

  5. Angela Sumner said:

    Yes blessing

  6. Sonja Harris-Blunt said:

    Wishing Estephanos all the blessings from above. We love you and keep up the good work.

  7. Darine Thomas said:

    Barri is very deserving of this award. She has worked very hard to enhance her fashion design career. May God Bless her in her future endeavors.

  8. Kelda Morris said:


    • As done in the previous year, all results are hidden the last few weeks of voting to build anticipation. The winner of each award will be announced the day of the awards ceremony as done previously. There is no shame in what we’re doing as we are highlighting those in our community. We strive to uplift, inspire, empower, and cater to our community. That’s is exactly what we plan on doing. In the future, should you have any further inquiries, please direct them via email.

      Thank you,


  9. Black Street – Why are you extending the polls to August 7th? Was that done last year also?

    • It was not. So was leaving the results for one week. In order to have at least two weeks of blind results, we’ve extend the deadline.

    • The polls last year were closed on the 13th of Aug with the ceremony being on the 17th of Sept. Now they’ll be closed on the 7th of Aug. and the ceremony will take place on the 21st of Aug. Giving close to two months span in between those two dates and a much longer time then last year.

  10. Chantell Walters’s is line is simply fabulous!

  11. Alberta C. Kinard said:

    You Go Barri! I am still voting for you! Blessings and good luck….

  12. Barri! you know WHO is in charge.Be blessed.!

  13. Joyce Davis said:

    Good luck Barri!

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