Lakia Echols

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Prior to joining the United States Army, her life was all about negative ending. Lakia states” if you gave me a million dollars, I would have never believed I would of ended up where I am today”. While deployed in Kuwait form 2004-2006, she was involved in community development and wanted to go back overseas, but what made her stay was watching the youths in the Far Rockaway community be at war with each other. So many of the youths were walking around with little or no remorse, motivation or hope. She realized at that point in her life that she wanted to stay home in the Far Rockaway community helping the young adults pursue a better future. Lakia gives selfless service to her community with fun filled events for youths and their parents such as college preparation workshops, talent/fashion shows, basketball tournaments, and many more. She loves volunteering teaching women leadership at St. John’s University and currently helped over 200 kids to receive applications for the Knowji program that helps students approve on their SAT’s.

During Sandy, she worked day and night in the Far Rockaway community helping residents with all needs. Lakia managed to help get funding from private companies to distribute checks up to 1k to families in need. She also got the youths involved with helping during the storm by aiding to the senior citizens. For Christmas, she organized a big Santa’s Sleigh run that drove around the Far Rockaway Community distributing toys and clothes while the youth’s dresses like elf’s dancing and cheering down the streets.

Lakia is deeply committed to educating and providing any service to the underserved in the Far Rockaway Community. Her sincere love of people and her ability to lead other to their strengths and light is a gift that blossomed in adolescence and eventually led her to a calling in empowerment mentoring.

2 thoughts on “Lakia Echols”

  1. Paula Sheard said:

    What a warrior !! She is our shero!!! Well done!

  2. To my daughter lakia when you put god first all things are possible in your life so keep up the good work.

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