Dr. Lei Lewis


Dr. Lei Lewis, a woman continuously evolving, is a non-denominational minister and a renowned international and national motivational speaker. Dr. Lewis has ministered and taught in South Africa, London, Paris and Amsterdam. She is a graduate of the University Of Georgia Law School. She practiced business, entertainment and nonprofit law for over 20 years. She is the Publisher, Founder and CEO of Women of Wealth Magazine, one of the leading publications on financial empowerment and philanthropy. She is also the Founder/Executive Producer of the Annual Global Women Financial and Philanthropy Summit. She is a philanthropist and the founder of 1000 Women Strong Mentoring (WSMI) Global Initiative “Changing the Face of Wealth through mentoring and philanthropy”. In addition, she is the Executive Producer of America’s Next Woman PowerBroker Reality Show.

Dr. Lewis is positioned to change the face of a nation through her multicultural vision to change the face of wealth through mentoring, financial empowerment and philanthropy. She believes that one can see the invisible by looking through rose colored glasses. Life is a bull, you pay the price, get on it and you ride it. You don’t stop riding it until the ride is finally over. She is the Author of 2 books, Empowered by Christ to Live and Eyes That See The Invisible. She hosted several television shows on The Word Network and all about transforming lives. She has a passion to see people at the top.

On behalf of Women Of Wealth Magazine, Dr. Lewis has covered such events as The White House on Entrepreneurship, Clinton Global Initiative, President Obama Inauguration, the Inauguration Ambassador’s Ball, Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women Leaders, the National Urban League Convention, Superbowl Events, The Trumpet Awards, Black Enterprise Conference, SCORE Awards, DOVE Awards, Stella Awards in Tenn., MERGE Convention, UNCF Evening of Stars, COMTO Convention, FraserNet Conference, eWomen Network Conference, Congresswoman Corrine Brown Political Events, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation National Convention, the Minority Enterprise Convention and so many other events, too numerous to mention.

The Mission of the Women Of Wealth Magazine Brand is to provide a comparable and relevant news media, while catering to the unique needs of women that are on their pathway to the top. We strive to stimulate entrepreneurship and vision building through diversity, strategic partnerships and relationships. We designed our mission to play a major role in the elevation of a woman that is on the cutting edge of success, but have not been able to turn the corner due to environment and lack of resources. We will accomplish this mission by mentoring and empowering women. We will give them access to relevant information as seen in WOW Magazine. We will give them an opportunity to network and earn a seat at the table with powerful mentoring leaders.

We believe that all women are driven by an empowered purpose to succeed, and we desire to level the playing field. We have learned that women readers recognize that it is no longer sufficient to get a look at the table instead they are demanding a seat at the table. Currently there are over 10.6 million women-owned businesses employing 19.1 million people and generating $2.5 trillion in sales. Women make or influence over 80% of all purchasing decisions. Even though women have this type of influence they are still lacking in the corporate world the overall employment situation of women has not evolved significantly since 2001.

Women Of Wealth Magazine has chosen to participate in the movement to Change the Face of Wealth by launching the 1000 Women Strong Mentoring (WSM) Global Initiative. Our Initiative is by 2014 to have enrolled 1000 women into our mentoring program and have paired each woman with a mentor within their own industry. Our Mentor Mentee Partnership Initiative will have several components to it. One being our worldwide national television mentoring program. Women that want to be a part of our television mentoring Initiative should visit our website at http://www.wowglobalsummit.com and enroll in our mentoring community. Our focus is women of wealth and power mentoring women of various cultures who are on the cutting edge of success. Our Magazine is about finance, mentoring, and philanthropy, it is about giving to others, it is about changing the face of a nation through changing the face of wealth.

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