Benita “Bjae” Jones


Just call her the “Career and Charismatic Chameleon”. From her ever changing experiences, complimented with a passion for humanity (and her creative flair for fashion) – Founder/Owner Ms. Benita “Bjae” Jones has established herself as a humble and talented force to be reckoned with.

As a seasoned professional for the past 24 years, Ms. Jones has maintained a reputation for being dedicated, organized, and trustworthy.  From Managing Databases, Calculating and Reporting Financial Data, Training and Supervising as a Project Manager, Processing Payroll for a Large Correctional Facility, Graphic Designing and Printing Publications for Educational Institutions, provided Billing and Technical Support for Physicians within a Teaching Hospital (included volunteer hours for the ER), handled  work processes for  Audits,  and now Designed  a Brand Image reflected through an inspirational Clothing Line while offering Brand Marketing Services through Company Owned [BRAZENWEAR – My Statement. Your Style™].

During all of these challenging career changes, Ms. Jones made valuable contributions towards the Community. In 1999, as a part of a joint effort (from one of her former employers) by donating computers and provided training as a mentor for The St. Aloysious “Theo Bowman” Middle School. HARLEMCARES USA has also provided mentoring opportunities for Ms. Jones. Not long after (during the Fall 2003), was when Ms. Jones had the opportunity to display her talents as a true visionary. While working at the same company, she came into contact with one of the Eastern Regional Chairs for the “Martin Luther King Jr. – BUILD A DREAM” Memorial Foundation. Upon learning the scope of this national goal, Ms. Jones was eager to offer any assistance (through her graphic designs). Not realizing then (that this “initiative”), would now become a National Legacy in our American History. Being absorbed in her career, and taking classes, volunteering, single parenting had mentally filed this “favor” for a great friend – until she received an email “Thanking” her for a job well done (received on August 18, 2011) by Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation, Inc. – President & CEO, Harry E. Johnson, Sr.  She also received an official Commemorative Plaque along with a letter expressing further thanks for her contributions.  Another major National opportunity presented itself (in May, 2011), where Ms. Jones’ creative expertise was requested. As a collaborative effort, MS Jones developed a Logo for a Non-Profit organization (and Director of “Let’s Move Faith and Communities” – under the “Childhood Obesity” campaign program from 1st Lady Michelle Obama).  This design was also favorably received and acknowledged via email.

On an International level, Ms. Jones has supported other noteworthy projects. During the beginning stages for BRAZENWEAR (in February 2011), she came into contact with a talented choreographer and passionate Founder of Mesh Arts – a Youth Education & Dance Project; whereupon receiving a plea from various organizations requesting assistance (which would enable financially challenged students in West Togo Africa to complete an academic school year). Compelled after reading her story, it was apparent to Ms. Jones to lend a hand. Working off a minimal budget, she offered to custom-design and donated 50 Tees – as a symbolic memento.  Seeing all the smiles from the kids during their Graduation Ceremony, reminded Ms. Jones the importance of making a difference for our youth. In addition, Ms. Jones has provided various art designs to support educational, promotional, social, and business endeavors.

As a dedicated entrepreneur who was determined to learn all the fundamentals of owning a business, Ms. Jones also managed to invest in “herself” (by registering and taking courses while maintaining a full-time position).  Proud of her latest venture as Designer/Owner of BRAZENWEAR (which was established in August 2011) –  where the creative visionary mind made an executive decision to develop a clothing line dedicated to encouraging the world to be “Bold, Smart, and Fearless”. The BRAZENWEAR Collection includes a unique and culturally diverse mixture of Custom Ready-to-Wear Apparel & Accessories; and as an added service to businesses, BRAZENWEAR offers its award-winning designs. This Collection was immediately embraced (in the world of Fashion) where this Clothing Lines was featured (six months from development) on the Runway during NYC Fashion Week 2012. In major cities such as Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, BRAZENWEAR has made a significant impression as an inspiration both on and off the Runway.  Overall, the “Career and Charismatic Chameleon” strives to reflect a positive image throughout her empowering journey.

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