Alphonso Amos

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Alphonso Amos is an engaging upbeat and empowering motivational speaker and life coach whose story shows our young people why it is important to follow their dreams and keep faith in God no matter what obstacles are thrown at them. Born into poverty to a single mother, Alphonso uses his childhood, experience with being raised by a single mother, the road from escaping the everyday world of drugs and violence in the Ghetto, his faith in God and how he almost lost his life to a bullet which is still in his chest and used as a daily reminder to his importance to send a message to many. You would think with many life changing events this young man would have given up on life, but he continues to move forward in life stepping out on faith striving to achieve all of his goals and dreams using God as his guide; he also tries to make a difference putting smiles on others faces by encoring them sending the message that there will be brighter days. He tries to show people that he came from your everyday normal college student to being a victim of crime to a sought after motivational speaker, mentor and life and career coach to help impact the lives of the young people in Michigan and across this nation.

Alphonso helps motivate and empower our young people to strive for the best; he also educates adults on the importance of positive mentors in the lives of our young people. He is a youth activist, motivational speaker life coach, career, Director of Mentor and Volunteer services at a Non-profit organization known as SONS Outreach (Save Our Neighborhood and Streets).

Alphonso is also a dedicated and faithful member and servant at the Restoration Christian Community Church under the leadership and direction of a great man of God, Pastor Carl E. Miller. He works throughout the ministry as a youth leader, Sunday school teacher, greeter and missionary. Alphonso has been featured as a guest on many different radio talk shows across the nation, sharing his story and teaching our youth that their lives has no limitations except for the ones they place on their own lives. Alphonso works in many areas in his community to mentor and impact the youth of the city of Port Huron. In addition to being the Director of Mentor and Volunteer Services he was also the Director for the S.O.N.S. Outreach Middle School Leadership Development Camp where he mentored over twenty teen staff members and over sixty middle school students teaching them the importance of being a servant leader using the motto “Lead, Love, Save, Serve, Receive”. Alphonso also mentors on a one-on-one match mentoring a young man through his church.

In addition to the work that Alphonso does working with our youth he is a member of the National Urban League, National Action Network, President of the Port Huron Branch of theNation Association for the Advancement of Colored People, The National Black Child Development Institute, Michigan Right to Life foundation, Vice President of the Port Huron, Michigan’s Citizens for a Vibrant Community and is an award nominee for the Generation BEFY (Black, Educated, Focused, and Yielded)Howard/Fowler-Davis Destined for Greatness Award: This annual award is given to an individual who continues to accomplish and achieve in the face of obstacles and odds. Alphonso strives to make a difference in his community and works motivating youth to follow their dreams no matter what obstacles come their way. He believes in the motto “If you can imagine it, you can dream it. Dream it and you can become it.” With all that He has been through Alphonso continues to make a difference in his community, helping the youth become the change they wish to see in this world.


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