42 thoughts on “Empowerment Category”

  1. kamryn hawkins said:

    love u daddy

  2. Good luck Chuck!

  3. You were created for greatness! Your drive is contagious! Congratulations cuz you’re a winner in my book! Remember…behind every great man is a mighty fine woman. Selah.

  4. Ansel Armstrong said:

    Team leader…..great job
    Armstrong Family

  5. Roberto Mcbean said:

    Good luck Mr. Hawkins

  6. Victor "Gotti" Cherry said:

    How do a person be on the nominees list?

  7. Carolyn edwards said:

    Well deserving award for Mr. Sledge .

    • Jimmy Barzini aka Graulich said:

      Mr. sledge is an old school type of man if anybody deserves this award his the man. PS HE IS ALSO A WONDERFUL PERSON IN MY BOOK GOOD LUCK MY TRUE FRIEND!

  8. Good luck Mr Sledge, i’m so optimistic you are going to rock it to the top!

  9. Josephine Stith said:

    Congratulation, you deserve it and many more for work well done.

  10. Good luck Kelly! #BisonLove

  11. Mylyn Alexander Smith, Esq. said:

    Congratulations Kelly and best wishes!!

  12. Monique Coursey Shepherd said:

    God Bless Kelly!

  13. Mrs. "B" said:

    Voices to the universe “Sledge”….
    A man of leadership,intergrity, and loyalty!!

  14. Eva McFadden said:

    Congratulations Mr. Sledge you For All Ur Hard Work & Service

  15. Cheryl Johnson said:

    Good Luck Mr. Sledge and God bless

  16. Good luck M r Sledge and be blessed.

  17. Keep up the great work that you do Lakia….

  18. Duncan Q DuUncan said:

    Good luck to Ms. Lakia Echols! Keep up the good work I love you.

    Mr Duncan Q Duncan

  19. Amirah Wilson said:

    Good luck Kia!!!

  20. MakeMyMotherProud -lakia Echols is a blessing to our Far Rockaway community. She always smiling and making people laugh. I know I appreicate everything she does for the Rock. Hope to see her win. She really deserves it.

  21. Christopher Brinson said:

    You are the epitome of “QUA” Jerry McGuire . Way to go cuzzo .

  22. Que Warren said:

    Best of Luck to you, Mychal Sledge…You deserve this award, and keep up your wonderful work!♥

  23. Edris Cust said:

    Good luck Kia wishing you all the best, you are a wonderful, life changing person.

  24. My beloved La Kia, may God bless you and all of your endeavors to make a positive difference in our community. Ashe’….Namaste’

  25. Carolyn edwards said:

    Once again good luck Mr. Sledge such a wonderful person and friend at heart . You deserve it. God bless you.

  26. Maureen Brewster said:

    Mychal Sledge is an advocate for change. Mychal Sledge is the living words of Ghandi’s change quote; “We must become the change we want to see'”. Mychal Sledge has the extradionary abilities to inspire and empower us to change. Through his literary works, speaking engagments and non-profit mentoring programs, he has laid out a blueprint to foster an environment of empowerment within any community.
    Mychal Sledge is Empowerment, Change and a blessing to us all.

  27. God Bless You All and Thank you for The Godly Support amd Love

  28. Maureen Brewster said:

    Mychal Sledge has been a pillar within the New York communities.

  29. SHANNON said:

    vote for LAKIA !!!! GOOD LUCK GIRL !

  30. Will "Shihan Bo" Allen said:


  31. Mr. Mychal Sledge is a caring, sweet and honorable man

  32. Lonnie Knox said:

    Mychal Sledge has been a pillar in our community. Teaching our youth that they have other options besides getting caught up in the “street life”. I have known this brother for most of my life and he has also been an inspiration to me. Good luck Mychal you deserve this award..

  33. Sgt howard said:

    Hooray! To one of my favorite soldier Sergeant Lakia Echols. The 479th chemical battalion supports you all the way

  34. Describing Jackie Morris as empowering is an understatement!

  35. derek kelley said:

    Good luck!

  36. Lakima lewis said:

    Congratulations , my vote will count

  37. I really now figured that online the way in which to blog post! In either case, nice web page and book-marked yah for next free time.

  38. gary vernon said:

    A lady who knows and fight for the community

  39. Lakia, we the community of Far Rockaway wish you the best if luck! You do so much selfless service for the youth and everyone you encounter. We love you and keep the faith! We have your back.

  40. keith jenkins said:

    lakia deserves that award….

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