17 thoughts on “Education Category”

  1. sheryll ambersley said:

    That’s the way to do it, Ms. Carr. 93.33%. You Go on!

  2. A vote just for you, Mr. Brandon!

  3. Good luck Brandon!

  4. Congrats Brandon–Neal Arp II ’09

  5. Good Luck 💵!!!

  6. Ketlie Chrispin said:

    Good luck Dr. Lilavois.

  7. Caryn Darwin said:

    Congratulations Mr. Dollar…you’re already a winner in my eyes from the amount and quality of children you serve…this recognition is just icing on the cake!!! Good Luck to you!!!

  8. Vania Bredy said:

    Congrats on the nomination Luther…..well deserved!

  9. Angela Boyd said:

    Wishing you the best Nathalie from your DDT Family!!

  10. greta kantrowitz said:

    Nathalie C. Lalavois is the consumate educator. A caring, warm human being who has made a difference in many young lives.

  11. Lisa Singer said:

    Good luck, Nathalie!, we are rooting for you!

  12. Mr. Smith said:

    Mr. Dollar truly defines what this generation needs in the form of an educator. He truly has a passion for the kids and not a passion for all the red tape that comes with education. Where others looking at education as a way to “climb the ladder” Mr. Dollar is the one holding the ladder. In my opinion he is already a winner and is celebrated by the lives he touches everyday. He was truly a pleasure to work with and what he does with all of his students can be duplicated at any level. You would of have to known him or work with him to truly understand and see the great educator but more so see for yourself and experience the great man he is.

  13. Lisa Love W said:

    Dr. Nathalie Lilavois–an educator who makes a big difference in the community!

  14. Eric Houston said:

    Good Luck Nathalie, you are so deserving this award.

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