Alain Lemaire

BS Alain Head shot


Alain Lemaire is as a food service professional and consultant out of South Florida; Co-owner and Executive Chef of Sensory Delights, and has worked in some notable food service facilities such as the Harbor Beach Resort Association in Michigan and the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Downtown Atlanta.

A native of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Alain began helping his mother at a young age in church functions. He developed an increasing passion for food and food service. After high school, he pursued that passion by moving to Florida where he attended Johnson & Wales University in Miami. He has managed to gain tremendous experience and embrace the diverse culinary options the city has to offer. Caribbean and Latin flavors play a major role in his style of cooking. He has been exploring the fusion world where he combines the flavors of his heritage with dishes from other regions.

Alain has a huge interest in helping others and his community: mentoring, coaching, training etc… he is always reaching out to young and upcoming professionals, new businesses to provide his assistance wherever is needed. This interest is combined aslo with the pride of his origin which always leads him to participate in festivals where he represents it with pride. Along with some colleagues, he has formed the first Haitian Culinary Alliance in the United States. The Haitian Culinary Alliance -USA is incorporated in the state of Florida and is soon to become a non-profit organization. Their mission is to forge a strong and united network of culinary, food service and hospitality professionals of Haitian descent while providing educational and networking resources to our affiliates. Their goal is to become the voice for the cook or hospitality individual that doesn’t have one; give them the resources necessary as far as exposure, training, mentorship, guidance etc.

32 thoughts on “Alain Lemaire”

  1. Kevin Mitchell said:

    Congratulations Chef!!!

  2. So proud of nomination and so well deserved. Visionary that has the youth in the Haitian American community in mind. Great humanitarian with professional chops as an Executive Chef. Congratulations Chef Lemaire 🙂

  3. Congrats!

  4. Alain is a true professional who finds joy in motivating others. He has been so supportive of me personally through my business, which motivates me even more. His positive reinforcement, drive and motivation makes him such a unique person and friend. Not to mention, he is an amazing chef with talent beyond belief!

  5. Jerry belizaire said:

    Started from the bottom, now we here!!!! Alain Lemaire is making waves!!!!!

  6. Jean Marc Ewald said:

    Committed, talented, creative and open minded… what else can be said about that determined young chef?

  7. Eric Lemaire said:

    Congratulations! Your entrepreneurship and love of your craft motivates me. This is why you are successful. I’m proud of of you for real. Know that you spark that same positivity in others.

  8. Marc Simeon said:

    You can be passionate about your craft and have no talent. You can have talent with no knowledge of your craft. Where you find talent, passion, and knowledge, coming together you will find Chef Alain Lemarie. His combination of knowledge, skill, passion, and experience, about The Food & Beverage Industry, when it comes to hotels, restaurants, catering and marketing is unmatched.

  9. theresa guerra said:

    Love me some Alain

  10. Congrats once again fam! You lead your craft with great motivation, wrapped with the passion and focus it takes to SUCCEED…thats why your SUCCESS is always expected to me.

  11. Congratulations Alain!!!

  12. Valery Andre said:

    Congrats Chef Lemaire!

  13. J. Daniel Sink said:

    Alain is one of the most solid individuals I know, culinary or otherwise. Trustworthy, thoughtful, earnest, hardworking and talented; a force to be reckoned with. All the best to you my friend!

  14. Congratulations Chef Alain.


  15. Congratulations!!!

  16. Congratulation chef conquer bro

  17. Awesome recognition for an awesome chef.

  18. Miss May said:

    congratulations !!!!! keep up the good work

  19. Dr. Brendan C. Francis said:

    Chef Alain Lemaire, I have followed your career and You are doing much for the Haitian American community and the youth! I wish you all the best in your career and life!
    Voting has began, may you come out victorious!

  20. Nicolas Mathurin said:

    God Speed !!

  21. Taina Nelson said:

    I am very proud of you, my friend! I know that this is just the beginning, and that there is more to come. I am gladly waiting for more because the best is yet to come. Congrats!!!

  22. Amazing, talented, motivated man! Thanks for always inspiring me. You deserve to win!

  23. vladimir lemaire said:

    hard working,passionate,talented,disciplined, you already have, in you, all the ingredients (with God s help,of course) for success…… very,very,very proud of you

  24. Serge L. Mallebranche said:


  25. As the other half of Sensory Delights, I could not be more proud. Great business partner and awesome friend doing great things in the community.

  26. Fabienne Miot said:

    Chef Alain you are the Bomb!!!! Well deserved!!!

  27. Impressive! Keep it up, chef!

  28. Best chef ever thank you for serving my ladies like queens

  29. sandra goldman said:


  30. Alain Lemaire said:

    Im so proud of Alain. His creativity makes him the best chef in the world. God bless!!

  31. Augusitn Sylvio Jr said:

    Congrats! Chef Lemaire!

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