Simeon Goodson


Known to colleagues and audiences as “Sim”, Simeon Goodson is a native son of Brooklyn who’s been hitting the city’s comedy clubs, bars, and taverns since 2004 in pursuit of a dream. He has performed at a variety of world famous venues including Caroline’s on Broadway and the Broadway Comedy Club.

Simeon Goodson has an extensive internet following with well over sixteen twitter followers. He has a starring role in the web series “Life With Say”, playing the physical manifestation of a child support payment. He can also be seen as an irreverent radio host in “D.Lemon in the Morning”. In addition to this, Sim also writes and produces humorous rap songs on topics ranging from transvestites to internet hooliganism.

Sim defines his comedy style as a verbal manifestation of his inner conflict. Constantly battling within are opposing forces, on one hand urging him to be an upstanding citizen and on the other an intimate desire to punch you in the face. His clever writing and unrefined delivery allow him to do both.

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