Bobby “BD” Freeman


Humorist and Host, BD Freeman, is currently a series regular, on
Vh1’s highly successful series, The Greatest Show. In each episode
he demonstrates his uncanny ability to remember the rich history of
entertainment triva and recall the most hilarious, relevant and insightful
moments. He was also featured on Vh1’s 40 Most Shocking Breakups,
Undateable, 100 Most Shocking Music Moments and The Great Debate.

Freeman’s success is displayed by his work in a vast spectrum of genres
ranging from comedy to drama. His talent was highlighted in his role as co-
host of the popular entertainment news series, “In the Cutz.” As the host,
he provided viewers with an insider’s look at happenings from all walks
of entertainment including awards shows, red carpet premieres, insider
parties and on-the-sets with stars of upcoming film and television projects.
BD reported on all things Hollywood and put his comedic skills to work
with his very own segment “My Take with BD Freeman” which featured his
hilarious monologues that touched on a variety of topics each episode. “In
the Cutz,” was syndicated across 160 million homes nationwide.

Freeman has entertained on several national television programs engaging
the audience with his magnetic personality and gut-wrenching laughs. He
has appeared on the Reelz Channel’s series, “What I Learned About ___
from the Movies,” and on “CD USA,” DIRECTV’s original series, which gave
music fans a full hour of live music from today’s hottest artists including
Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nelly Furtado, The Goo Goo Dolls and
many more. He also emerged as a crowd favorite through his participation
as a celebrity panelist on the “Greg Behrendt Show” and was featured
across episodes for G4TV’s “FILTER,” a countdown show highlighting
topics that range from music and movies to TV and sports, examined from
a man’s perspective.

Additional credits include character work on “MAD TV,” and co-starring
with Eddie Griffin on his comedy DVD, N.T.V, The N Network’s “Degrassi:
The Next Generation.” Freeman has entertained on the stages of some
of the nation’s biggest comedy clubs such as The Improv and The Laugh
Factory unleashing hilarious characters on audiences from coast to coast.

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