Tony Rose

BS 1

Tony Rose is a serial entrepreneur who never let his success pull him away from community and those who have supported him along the way. Of Costa Rican decent, he was the first generation to live what felt like the American dream in Brooklyn, New York. He recalls how his father taught him baseball and used the game to instill values in him. In later years, his passion for the sport broke down boundaries and eventually led him from Bedford Stuyvesant to Miami on a baseball scholarship.

Mr. Rose had a natural business acumen. Often, what comes easy is not always good for you. In his twenties, he was enticed into the drug trade. While it opened doors, it inevitably closed more in a fall from grace and a 208 month sentence to federal prison. He served a devastating 15 years.

Both resilient and humble, Mr. Rose was released in 2008. The rapid changes in his environment and obstacles from his incarceration seemed stifling. Determined that this was not going to define him, he struggled to find a new pathway to reform. The first turn of the tides started with his role model and mentor, Romero Chambers, founder of R & K limo. As his apprentice, he learned the concierge business and once again entered into new arenas. Shortly after, he started his own business, Luxury Blue Concierge. A high end car and rental service. As the business took strides, he took the next leap in 2009 and merged his firm with TR Luxury Group Sport and Entertainment. The entertainment firm appointed Mr. Rose as President of Concierge. The renowned success of their NFL, NBA and Hampton’s events have made them staples on A-list calendars.

In August of 2012 Mr. Rose, along with his business partners, James Lambright and Kisha Dunkley traveled to India to research their next endeavor. A month later LDJ Premium Hair was started. With strategic distribution and industry support, Envy Me Remy was branded shortly after in November 2012. This new endeavor has been a vehicle to reach back into the community and motivate stylists, salon owners and beauty distributors to take their business to new levels and learn how to brand themselves. With his soft launch this spring and several major events in play, he is parlaying his business connections and taking the hair industry by storm!

Success would be empty without someone to share it with. Tony was blessed to bring his beloved wife, Tara Rose into a world that once seemed so distant. Now, as a motivational speaker and lifestyle coach, Mr. Rose mentors and speaks on the reality of choices, empowerment, the obstacles or reform and entrepreneurship at all levels. He works closely with fellow speaker, Pastor Saroya Byrd McKinney ( Gospel of Peace International Ministries and Founder of (WISE) Women in Spiritual Excellence) ministering within the prisons.

“My journey had been a humbling experience, which has brought on great gratitude towards my present and future endeavors.”



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