Tieshena Davis

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Tieshena Davis

After being abandoned by her mother as an infant and watching her father battle drug addiction throughout her early childhood and teenage years, she naturally developed a disconnection from herself and others around her. After facing continuous tragedies and disappointments, Tieshena learned to develop a “thick skin” as a child which later led her to leave Philadelphia at 16 years old and move to Washington, DC on her own.

As she started a new journey in life, she slowly began to accept her circumstances for what they were and built strong perseverance; which fueled her ambition to succeed. Facing constant obstacles, Tieshena was ready to take her own life, but was saved by someone she calls an angelic warrior. It wasn’t until she began to share her stories of adversity that she discovered who she was and why she was divinely designed.

If you ask Tieshena who she is today, she’ll say “I’m a testament to strength and survival.” She’ll also tell you that she’s an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Inspirational Leader who encourages people to make courageous moves towards reaching their fullest potential.” Tieshena is on a life-long mission to uplift and inspire one person at a time by opening a platform for people to share the stories that have transformed them into who they truly are. She believes that through sharing our stories we HEAL, REFLECT and PREPARE for a new day.

As An Entrepreneur

Tieshena Davis is a Visionary Entrepreneur, Business Manager, Advisor and Trainer who helps business owners attract prospects, identify missing opportunities and create operating systems that allow you to free up your time and make more money. She will help you understand how to organize, plan and control all activities of your business by creating a business model that focuses on five core areas of business growth: structure, operations, marketing, customer relations and revenue generation. With over 15+ years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and local non-profit organizations, Tieshena will apply her management expertise and highly-effective strategies for you to save time, leverage your resources and increase your revenue.

She is the Founder & President of Siva Resolutions Management Group™ and Purposely Created Publishing. With a proven track record of helping business owners to improve their bottom line, she merges leadership, strategic planning and productivity techniques to help others become successful. She is wholeheartedly committed and loves her profession, as it aligns with her divine purpose to help and inspire others.

As a Speaker & Trainer

Known for a high-impact delivery, Tieshena’s presentations and workshops are full of insightful topics, practical advice and sincere compassion. Tieshena has a unique way of stimulating the thinking and actions of people as they struggle with challenges in their lives and businesses. Her inspirational and enriching presentations will empower others to discover and utilize their talents and strengths to meet challenges and solve problems. Audiences of all ages, both in general and business can connect with her message of overcoming adversity and seizing opportunities to become successful.

To learn more, please visit me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn @TieInspires or visit my websites:

Business: http://www.SivaResolutions.com

Personal: http://www.TieshenaInspires.com

Both: http://about.me/tieshena

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