Sherise Patterson



Sherise Patterson is a business consultant, public speaker, avid business networker, and bestselling published author whose purpose is to empower people to take their personal, and business lives to the next level.

In 2007, her vision/ dream business “Simply To Empower” took physical form on Linden Blvd in Queens, NY. Simply To Empower a gift shop and empowerment center transformed many lives with it’s ongoing business classes, craft workshops, monthly business networking, variety entertainment and so much more. Many solid business relationships were formed and built there.

In 2009, New York Daily News featured Sherise Patterson and her team in its “Spotlight on Great People” section. Sherise was also featured in Around Town Magazine (2009), Queens Chronicle (2009), and Southeast Queens Press (2007).

In 2010, the Linden Blvd establishment had to close its doors due to health issues that Sherise was dealing with. Sherise still managed to keep her dream alive by restructuring, regrouping, and resurrecting it. From 2011 until today, her business Simply To Empower has taken on another physical location on Rockaway Blvd in Queens, NY and continues to provide life-changing, educational programs.

Her focus is providing entrepreneurs with tools and resources to network, build solid relationships, and keep their business moving forward. She also speaks and trains business owners, ministry, and other professions on how to use social media to increase their sales, fans, and followers.

Sherise keeps the community connected by regularly sending out mass empowerment-oriented emails designed to keep email recipients inspired, motivated, and informed.

In 2011, Sherise co-authored a best-selling book with Les Brown entitled “Fight For Your Dreams: The Power of Never Giving Up!” She enjoys photography, videography, and helping others.


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