James “Cool Breeze” Gray

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James “Cool Breeze” Gray is an industry executive consultant, producer, and community advocate. Raised in New Rochelle, NY, Gray later moved to Harlem NYC where he became a consummate professional with diverse skills that will enhance any multimedia project to its fullest potential. Gray promotes his occupational experience through his delivery of services in the areas of quality mass communication, production, and consulting. From a very early age, Gray realized his passion for the arts and music and pursued these interests by becoming a talented young drummer. His musical talents have afforded him the opportunity to play for several well known recording artists such as Brian McKnight, Wyclef Jean, and Freddie Jackson.

In November 2012, Gray forged alliances with Chase Nelson Consultants International, founded by industry Icon Anthony Andre Jones, and was appointed to Vice President of the company. Collectively, they are changing the industry one project at a time. James has an extensive background in marketing, producing, and consulting for such companies as Universal Grind, Rev is Real Entertainment, Dime-Piece Magazine and was also chairman of the Joe Louis Foundation as well. He has also worked as Content Providers for networks such as NBC and ABC-Live Well Network. James also became the youngest African American producer of a TV. show to air on a major television network independently.

Gray enjoys mentoring at risk youth by teaching them music, discipline, and team unity. In 2007, Gray launched a Marching Band initiative, servicing children ages 10-18. Gray has also received an honorary citation from the Mayor of New York City for “Outstanding Community Service.” Gray has served as coordinator of the Harlem Community Outreach Initiative which formed the first Mother’s Day parade in world history in Harlem. Chase Nelson Consultants are very proud of giving back to the community and with a pioneer like James “Cool Breeze” Gray, they will continue to serve the community and nation more effectively.



1 thought on “James “Cool Breeze” Gray”

  1. Mr Gray has done so much for our community. Keep up the good work.

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