Davidson Toussaint


Davidson Toussaint 

Some people were born with a silver spoon and some strived to see the silver lining in everyone’s lives. Davidson Toussaint is a man with a golden mind, attitude, personality, and a golden vision. Nevertheless, one must take a brief trip down memory lane to extricate the many layers of Davidson’s ambitions and visions.

Davidson Toussaint was born in the Republic Of Haiti. From a young age, Davidson’s passion to help his community landed him as the ambassador for a young organization called Jeunokap. This organization’s goal was to help young Haitians discover the hidden potentials within them, and with Davidson’s insight, many of these young Haitians developed a great sense of liberty and fortitude. They were able to discover strengths and visions, no matter what environment they grew up.

In addition, Davidson has been fortunate to work with many leaders in the Haitian community. One such acquaintance leads him to become the general coordinator for another youth organization “Loisir Plus”. At Loisir Plus, he continued in the development and the empowerment of young Haitians people. Davidson flourished in his many activities in Haiti and the experiences served him well in his future endeavors.

Davidson Toussaint embarked on a new journey in the spring of 2003. He left Haiti, en route to the Dominican Republic to further his educational aspirations. There, he started taking classes for Clinical Psychology at the UNEV, Universidad National Evangelica. One year later, he changed his major to Small Business Administration, while enrolling into a new school, PUCCM, Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra. In the Spirit of his earlier activism endeavors in Haiti, Davidson created the Caribbean Color Award foundation at the university to connect Haitians and Dominicans together. This foundation served as a platform for Haitians and Dominicans to assimilate through ideas, music, and other activities.

Davidson’s golden vision continues to take shape in later years. In the summer of 2007, he developed and created a major business venture with the foreign students in the Dominican Republic to discover Haiti. HAITOUR was established as a way to eradicate the many negative stereotypes and perceptions that foreigners have about Haiti. With HAITOUR, Davidson executed fun trips to Haiti with the foreign students. In return, these students discovered valuable information about Haiti and at the same time, toured the country. His ultimate adventure in Dominican Republic, was “Performing for Haiti”, which allowed him once again to work with different Dominican and Haitians artists to raise fun for victims after the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

After spending five fulfilling years in the Dominican Republic learning, and creating business ventures, Davidson was ready for a new journey. He moved to the United States of America. There he continued to pursue his educational goals and at the same time pursuing other ventures reminiscent of his earlier endeavors. Subsequently, he created Jazz My Way, a platform for young musicians to expose their talents and help to educate others in a positive way. The culminating achievement of this venture was the creation of a commercial for SOGE Bank in Haiti with a young video producer named Marlone Lindor.

Throughout his many ventures, one can clearly see that Davidson is passionate about people and his country. Meanwhile, Haiti was in a period of transition under a new government and leadership and was ready to be explored by tourists more than ever. With that in mind, Davidson revived an earlier project HAITOUR under a new name and vision. Haiti Tourism Inc. and Haiti Tourism Foundation came to be established. The vision of Haiti Tourism Inc. is to promote a positive image of Haiti and change the negative perceptions about the country.

While creating the vision for Haiti Tourism Inc., Davidson enlisted the help of several young Haitians to join him in structuring the company to better promote the positive sides of Haiti. With their many efforts, Haiti’s image is beginning to shift positively. Subsequently, the corporation has received much recognition because of its relentless work in promoting Haiti. For instance, Haiti Tourism Inc. has been featured in USA Today, NBC Miami News, HIP magazine, and so forth. The company has a network of 4 million people in more than 84 countries as seen through our website and our social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

As if not all these initiatives were enough, Davidson is currently attending Hillsborough Community College, majoring in International Business. Furthermore, he remains active in his community in the Tampa Bay area. He has received multiple awards from the Haitian community in Florida. In summation, Davidson Toussaint can best be described with his personal quote: If we do nothing today, we will not have anything tomorrow. Today is a great day to start because one can do anything through God.

Awards and Nominations:

Black Achivers Award Nominated, Miami

The Voices achievers award Nominated, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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