46 thoughts on “Business Category”

  1. Elizabeth Mondesir said:

    I am very proud of the work that Mr. Toussaint is doing on behalf of all Haitians. Keep up the good work.

    • G. Benjamin said:

      Ms. Jones can give us a lesson in determination; she takes in everything ;she never misses an opportunity to learn; she is fearless and always optimistic. Ms. Jones has committed to giving back to the community personally and through her clothing company “Brazenwear” .

  2. Got my vote in! Good luck!!!!

  3. He’s doing a great job for all haitians and the country its self

  4. odile Plancher said:

    Great Job, David Toussaint! keep up the good work

  5. Dawn Franklin said:

    Just wanted to say something about my friend Bjae. I am so happy she is being considered for this award. Bjae was a “worker bee” like the rest of us with dreams. Basically one day her dreams became a reality…she decided she was tired of looking into the clouds and wondering what if? She worked hard and sacrificed alot to attain her dream, and it wasn’t easy and it’s still a work in progress. She has been fortunate to have support from friends n family, that has given her the strength to keep moving forward n not giving up. Along this journey she has met different mentors and associates that have been a real asset to her developing her business model. So many of us are too scared to pursue our dreams but Bjae has shown us that you are never too old or too late to go out on a limb and pursue your dreams…

  6. Mireille Lormine said:

    God job Bro.

  7. shilove desir said:

    Mwen vote ou paske ou sanble ak yon moun ke mwen rekonet mwen tap viv Santiago tou mwen we se la mouveman an te pran pye petet nou te ka renkontre deja so I wish you all the best in the name of Jesus ok

  8. chris jackson said:

    James Gray, is without question, the best, most qualified and logical choice to recieve thos honor. All nominees are wonderful representatives of our community, that being said, James Gray still remains the choice of choices. Thank you.

  9. chris jackson said:

    James Gray, is without question, the best, most qualified and logical choice to recieve this honor. All nominees are wonderful representatives of our community, that being said, James Gray still remains the choice of choices. Thank you.

  10. Olivia Scott is an amazing woman. She works her tail off, is smart, courageous,
    ambitious and a great role model. I worked with her in the past and always admired her – I think she really deserves this honor!

  11. Olivia is a beautiful person — inside and out. This character trait permeates her business transactions. She works hard on your behalf, instills trust, commitment and dedication. Olivia’s got my vote! Best of luck!

  12. shilove desir said:

    Davidson patne haitien frem mwen vote ou tande paske mwen renmen travay ou ap fe a so si ou mete Jesus devan Li va kondui ou au bon port merci

  13. Olivia, I voted several times and I will continue to!! Good luck!

  14. Opinions de femmes sou facebook vote Davidson Toussaint. Bon Tavay!

  15. carl theart said:

    Keep your vote coming 4 Davidson Toussaint thank you….

  16. Latoyia Coles said:

    Go Tie:)

  17. So proud to have such an inspirational person in my life. Tieshena helps you to accomplish everything that you aspire to be. Keep up the good work there needs to be plenty more people in the world with your tenacity inspirational words and willingness to cater to others in need!!!

  18. Stefanie said:

    My vote is for Olivia. She’s what I consider to be a “watch her and you’ll learn something” woman. The detail and dedication she puts into anything she does is admirable. Olivia steps up to do the right thing because it’s “the right thing” to do. If you spend only a few moments throughout the day with her you will realize her enthusiasm is contagious, and her energy level is amazing. I believe we all strive to be better in our careers, family, and community, so we can be examples to those coming behind us in our careers, family, and community. Olivia is an example. – watch her and you’ll learn something.

  19. Lynn Smith said:

    I’m so very proud of the work of Tieshena Davis, she’s a pillar in the community and on social networks, we need more ppl like her, a young entrepreneur who’s still growing quickly

  20. Lamar Woodson said:

    Vote 4 Tieshena Davis ,, #SivaResolutions

  21. carl theart said:

    Vote 4 Davidson Toussaint….ayityen leve kampe pou yon bagay pozitif!

  22. Dr. Brendan C. Francis said:

    Melissa is a talented attorney and business entrepreneur who supports her Haitian American Community and the general community with her All! I fully Support Melissa!
    She has supported much different community building and enhancing programmes in her community. I have no hesitation in voting for Melissa, a kind hearted lady who gives her all to her community! Melissa is a role-model for the youths in her community and I wish her all the Best!

  23. Davidson nou avew e kale depi Bahamas

  24. Bahamas avew keep I up

  25. This guy is the hardest working man in NY & Very dedicated to his work! A great mentor he deserves it!! kls

  26. your already a star so now is to let yhe world know how bright you shine!! ツ

  27. Truman dumel said:

    As someone who is haitian dominican
    Cuban & french i’m literally proof that love is greater than hate

  28. Joseph Romain said:

    From your friend Joseph Romain Dave/se yonn ede lot patisan best luck!

  29. cosette desir said:

    I am happy that y r one of the contestant you r doing a great job you seem to enjoy it very much, good luck and god bless my pleasure voting for you
    y are great.

  30. Mr. Davidson is a great role model for us young haitians

  31. Davidson is the best candidate for this award. He strives each day and every second to promote a better black experience not only for Haitians, but the entire populace as well. Davidson exemplifies quality people traits!

  32. winston grant said:

    He real and help people out

  33. Cyndia JN PIERRE - Web Application and Mobile developper said:

    Davidson Toussaint is doing a great work on showing the other face of our country Haiti. So it would relevent for him to receive this award as encouragement for his work through haitian community inside and outsidde of the country.

  34. Linda Prevalon said:

    David Toussaint, thanks for not giving up and thank you for you strength. You and your team are are wonderful. May God bless you in all that you do. We are a community that fights for what we deserve, “1804”. Haiti is coming back up.

  35. Polynice Auxerre said:

    I am very humbled and happy that this young man name Davidson is doing such a great job to lift the image of our country Haiti. I voted for you not just because you Haitian as well but mainly because of your works, courage, efforts, dedications and the opportunity cost you sacrifice to do it and make it possible for the whole world to see what Haiti is really like. Once again I thank you! May God bless You & Your family/Crew.

  36. Kim Kelley said:

    You cannot choose a better person than James “Cool Brezze” Gray, for this award.

  37. erla cadet said:

    Go for it

  38. If anyone deserves this award WHO ELSE such blessed woman I love Her so

  39. Great

  40. Kimberly Ballard-Madison said:

    I’m so proud of Olivia Scott-Perkins for her thought leadership and creativity in the community! This sister rocks!

  41. rose jean said:

    Davidson Toussaint is doing a great job by promoting haiti tourism all over the world.

  42. michelle said:

    Good luck Davidson Toussaint! Thank you for doing a great job represent us Haitians and for making a difference in our country.

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