Isaiah Kelsey


Isaiah Kelsey is often described as “The Urban Foodie” for more than a few reasons. As most people fresh out of culinary school begin to embark on their culinary journey, Isaiah has already experienced more than half of what they are about to encounter. With coming from a family of chefs, he knew early on in his teenage years that he would pursue a career in the culinary industry.

Like most prominent chefs today, he started at the very bottom of the totem pole as prep cook in a large kitchen. Isaiah moved quickly through every discipline in the kitchen. It wasn’t an easy task being the youngest in the kitchen but through the cuts, burns, and bruises he was humbled and earned the respect of his colleagues and superiors as a bonus.

Isaiah went on to attend Johnson & Wales University with the intention to pursue Baking & Pastry Arts, his prominent passion at the time. He learned the arts of tempering chocolate and cake decorating to the science of baking artisan breads.

As an intern at Walt Disney World, he found a new passion through engaging and interacting with guests. Isaiah returned to school re-energized to pursue Food Service Management. He cracked down on the books and was determined to gain a position as a Restaurant Manager with a large corporation. Isaiah persevered and earned the position with Marriott Hotels months before graduation.

After three years, Isaiah grew tremendously throughout his time at
Marriott. The continuous growth of his skills and abilities granted him the opportunity to embody the vision of prominent chef and personality Bobby Flay as a Floor Manager for Mesa Grill. There he was able to meet prestigious chefs and other individuals within the food industry.

While devoting much time and energy into Restaurant Management, Isaiah decided to further enhance his portfolio by expanding his network and learning more about these prestigious people in the business. Learning’s turned into meetings. Meetings became interviews. Interviews led to the development of a holistic view on food and the culture that it has created.

After more than ten years in the industry, Isaiah decided that he would take his energy, passion, and charisma into his own hands. Isaiah created his food blog, Urban.Food.Print and feels his experience and passion qualifies him to do what he ultimately always wanted to do which is eat, write, and travel.

As of recently, he also started his second business venture, Urban FoodieCatering LLC where he specializes in nostalgic desserts with a touch of refinement.

Isaiah can be seen at restaurant openings, food festivals, the music scene, or simply wandering New York discovering hidden treasures.

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