Jimmy ‘Blue’ Morris


Renaissance men still exist. Jimmy ‘Blue’ Morris known most notably for his Photography has mastered multiple arts on his journey to Photographer. Before his eye for Photography was discovered, his ear for music drove his passion. As an independent Hip-Hop Artist he performed in shows for Cipha Sounds, Kay Slay and even made an appearance performing on BET.

With multiple sides existing in being a Recording Artist, Blue realized that recording and performing weren’t the only ways to master the Hip Hop Industry. By getting into Talent Management, Event Hosting and Planning, interning at Bad Boy Records, he extended his plethora of industry skills. During BLUE’s time at Bad Boy’s New Media Department, BLUE fell even more in love with the Media piece. This would lead to BLUE doing Interviews, Recording Segments and learning to do Still Photography in order to create Episodes for his Public Access TV Show “The Urban Overdose.”

The Urban Overdose TV Show would soon become the media base for The Urban Overdose Media Group encompassing more of these learned skills. With photography going into the forefront of the Media Group, BLUE has captured some of the industry’s hottest such as Rick Ross and Maino; legends such as Raekwon and Kool Herc; and new comers such as Danse Diamons and Fat Trel.

In his evolution of the BLUE brand in order to diversify further, BLUE started Blue Pictorial – a Photography brand more gauged on capturing family life. BLUE has captured Weddings at some of NY’s trendiest locations such as Chateau Briand and Jericho Terrace. Artistic Maternity shoots to Actors headshots have all fallen into his Portfolio. Any weekend can include Hindu Ceremonies, Sweet 16s and children’s birthday parties. Fashion Shows and product placements are scheduled regularly.

BLUE has proven time and time again that any transition is possible when you work vigorously enough to succeed. There is no telling what he will take on next. With new deals on the table, you can expect BLUE to build his brand further through multiple avenues.


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