Adia Trischler

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Adia Trischler is a fashion film director, creative director, image consultant, and fashion editor originally from New York and currently based in Austria. Her work finds its foundation in anthropology, surrealism, theatre, and bass. After having studied acting at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Experimental Theatre Wing, as well as a brief stint at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art , she switched focus to fashion, working first as a personal shopper and stylist primarily for musicians. As a result, her work has developed an approach to style that is anchored both by the Meisner technique to “live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” as well as an ongoing exploration of how what we wear supports an identity and a context. In March 2013 Adia was awarded the prize for ‘Stylist of the Year’ at The Vienna Awards for Fashion and Lifestyle.

For the past 5 years Adia has worked closely with the photographer/director Andreas Waldschuetz producing narrative based fashion imagery. Since 2010 they have also directed fashion films in collaboration with young international designers.

Screening and Exhibitions

Once Upon A Time 2013 (forthcoming)

screening at

ASVOFF St. Petersburg

Mr. and Mrs. Bugg (dream a vacation) 2012

screened at :

A Shaded View on Fashion Film Milano

Dutch Design Week (CICADA) Eindhoven

ASVOFF 5 Centre Pompidou Paris

Papercut Mag online NY

Filep Motwary online Athens

Meta.Morph 2011

screened at:

Vogue Italia online

Vauxhall London Fashion Week

Fashion Video Festival Budapest

ASVOFF 4 Paris Centre Pompidou

Sand People 2010

exhibition Unit F 10 Festival Vienna

Fashion Video Festival Budapest

Ozon Fashion Film Festival Athens

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