31 thoughts on “Art & Photography Category”

  1. Rosetta Langlois said:

    Lynnette Carr Hicks for Performing Arts Awards she has been producing and working with youth from her youth. And mighty successfully at that!!! Check out her profike

  2. Khadeem Henry said:

    Lynnette Carr Hicks for Performing Arts Awards she has been producing and working with youth since she was young.

  3. Dawn Colon said:

    Sophia domeville for Art Award. I had the pleasure of attending The College of New Rochelle with her and as an artist, she has the ability to think outside of the box unlike any other person i know. The ESSENCE of what makes her creativity so UNIQUE is that she puts NO LIMITS to her artistic world. As an owner of my own organization, I see that passion she has to never give up and strive for excellence everyday, as i do.

  4. Voting for Eveline Pierre

  5. Monique Jean-Barthelus said:

    Ms. Eveline Pierre for the Art Award. Ms. Pierre has truly demonstrated such passion and dedication in enriching the lives of people with the Haitian culture and its roots, through arts and many other activities. She is very well-liked by the community, and I am confident she will continue to pursue her desires by making a difference to mankind.

    • Eveline is dedicated to the Haitian culture.She makes a great in many people of every culture’s life through arts and painting. I nominate her to receive this award.

  6. Genji Jacques said:

    Eveline Pierre is number one: A woman of God who knows her purpose, her mission and who has a vision to be a blessing to all people internationally through her hard work and dedication of exposing the History, and Art paintings of the Haitian culture. By her belief and strong faith in God Eveline stands on completing her mission to build the Haitian Musuem so the future generation can benefit and see the beautiful essence of the Haitian Culture. I nominate Eveline to recieve this award

  7. Sandra Justice said:

    I voted for Eveline«
    There’s not enough words that can describe Eveline, she inspiringly courages, bold and beautiful!!!!

  8. Kevin A McLeroy said:

    Eveline Pierre has done a phenomenal job of nurturing a dream and working to bring it to fruition. The Haitian Heritage Museum is a shining example of hard work, perseverance and vision. The Haitian Heritage Museum has filled a void in art history and culture. It highlights, preserves and perpetuates Haitian art and culture for the entire world. Eveline Pierre is the visionary that has been and is the driving force behind this ever evolving masterpiece. She is most certainly deserving of recognition.

    • i voted for her cause she deserve it she’s young and motivated how else can i say.A vote for her is a win win either way you look at it.Good luck BUT THAN AGAIN IT’S NOT ABOUT LUCK

  9. I have known Sophia Domeville since high school. Like many of us at that age, she often felt like an outcast. It was only during art class that I saw her in her true form – an inspired artist, free to express herself without fear of how she was viewed by others. As she progressed through her college career, I was afforded the opportunity to witness the birth of a strong, creative black woman. Today, through the numerous projects within her community, Sophia has not only come full circle, but has found a way to reach others who may not otherwise have a voice. It is a great honor to know such an inspirational individual. I believe she has a bright future in the art world – one that I cannot wait to behold.

  10. James Jean said:

    Eveline Pierre defines the following attributes: Women of Faith, Visionary, Inspiration to our community at large, Giving, and deserving of the GREAT Award.

  11. Sophia!!!!

  12. Evans St.fort said:

    Good Luck


  13. I’ve known Eveline since high school. She has always been a warm, determined, creative young woman with a maturity and vision ahead of her time, I’ve literally watched her take the Haitian Heritage Museum from concept to a brick and mortar reality. This has required quite a bit of business acumen to secure funding, relationship building and overall guts, determination and hard work. Ev makes it look easy. She revels in promoting and supporting the arts on every level every day. She has not only birthed this cultural gem of a museum, she has an education component that utilizes Haitian artists in the school system to spread the magic of the arts to the next generation. At every turn, Eveline is pulling up others and empowering them to succeed through the arts. She has a host of mentees who have interned with her and are now soaring from her tutelage. In summation, Eveline is a self-made total package and a phenomenal force in the art world. I nominate her with great enthusiasm and deepest respect.

  14. I only know one individual who deserve recognition for her tireless efforts and dedication to serving our community. She is someone of intelligence. She is doing great & positive things within the black community. She’s drawn a largely positive response from many in the black community. Eveline Pierre of Haitian Heritage Museum has achieved the level of recognition she deserves.

  15. Alourdes Pierre said:

    Go forth Eveline, you are a winner already! the blessings is on you


  16. Sophia Domeville is a beautiful person inside and out and it is truly expressed in her art work.. Her passion for love live and her culture are all expressed in her art work..

  17. Sophia Domeville has my vote!
    Inez B. Vanable

  18. Good Luck!

  19. Roberta Theoc said:

    Eveline Pierre for Performing Art Award. She is an innovator. She exposed the rich culture of haiti/haitians, who are so often recognized for /poverty and a country with no government. However with the haitians art museum people get a chance to taste, see and partake.

  20. Roberta Theoc said:

    Eveline Pierre Art Award Haitian Heritage Museum

  21. Roserbie Theoc said:

    Eveline Pierre Haitian Heritage Museum.

  22. Sharmica Theoc said:

    Eveline Pierre Haitian Heritage Museum.

  23. Bossous Richard said:

    Good Luck

  24. j austin said:

    Eveline Pierre has shown passion and incredible leadership in leadind the Haitian Art Museum in Miami. A community leader, she deserve the accolades.

  25. I highly recommend Evelyn for her human touch and accomplishments

  26. Jeff archer said:

    I voted for eveline Pierre

  27. Noel C Rock said:

    Sophia Domeville has my vote. Love you and your art Sandz!

  28. Rony Francis said:

    Voting for Eveline Pierre

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