69 thoughts on “Acting & Performing Arts Category”

  1. Justiin Davis is one of those An Artist and a Player that is as natural in front of a camera as i am when i cut hair . I love what the writers and director is doing with Justiin’s character on ” BoardWalk Empire ” . I first met Justiin on a Fashion Shoot for B&H Camera Chain Stores . He looked so unassuming before we began , but boy , did he ever come to-life once the photographer’s began to shoot . I predict big things in the future from this indiviual

    • Rosalyn Davis said:

      As his aunt I will say he was amazing even as a little boy. So manty people would just comment on his personality, and how talented he is. He is a very hard worker at his craft. He is very humble and has what it takes in such a competive field. He still finds time to give back of his time etc. Justiin you rock. Keep up the good work.

  2. Aminah Cole is an amazing performer /actress and model, leading the industry in size acceptance, fashion, style and entertainment I couldn’t think of a worthier nominee!

    • Thank you to the SUPPORTERS of Aminah Cole we just need you to tell us a little bit about your experience with her and why she is such an amazingly gifter Performer and ADVOCATE for Plus SIze women in Fashion and Entertainment. She is devoted to the success of others and to the PERFORMING ARTS! If you don’t know her you should just watch and observe you will see what an amazing woman she is who has been consistently committed to the ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT!

      • She has INTEGRITY, LOVES helping others, hence showing the ropes so to speak and she is a veteran in this business with passion for living a purpose filled life in pursuit of her destiny.

        Personally, I can appreciate anybody that follows there dreams, goes after them and reaches for their goals despite what live may throw at them, thus she is very consistent with persistent and relentless with achieving her aspirations, while pulling others up along her journey.

        Aminah Cole is a DYNAMIC woman of kindred spirits, very humble, loving, and genuinely cares for others as she does herself, which is why she teaches others oppose to being all about self, she actually shares information about the industry: some do’s and don’t’s, must have’s and stay away from, and needless to say that in itself is simply priceless.

        She is a rare find within the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, especially as it relates to PLUS SIZE MODELING & PERFORMING ARTS, Aminah Cole is a devoted MENTOR, LEADER, AMAZING & GIFTED TALENT, and ADVOCATE that we (a lot of her friends both off and online) simply love her, which is why she needs to WIN.

        Certain, Aminah would represent the establishment of Black Street and the Black Celebration Awards.

        What Aminah Cole offers so many, especially young girls with low self-esteem who may be overweight and/or Plus Size that they can love themselves first, have confidence and live a life they love by starting with doing what they love while teaching others to do the same.

      • My experience becoming a Friend and one of her BIGGEST SUPPORTER’S of Aminah Cole
        …I have watched her GROW….FLOURISH and IGNITE other people to pursue their dreams by being STEADFAST and HUMBLE and working HARD to gain a place in the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY and on so many levels she is already a WINNER this is her SECOND YEAR being NOMINATED…we would love to GIVE HER that STATUE! Blessings on BLACK CELBRATION AWARDS for giving us a platform to CELEBRATE one another!

    • WOW!!!!!! IS ALL I CAN SAY! I have been TEAM Aminah Cole since the beginning of the campaign and now more people know about Black Street and the Black celebration Awards and Aminah Cole because we Plus size ladies in the INDUSTRY stick together! Blessings on everyone! For supporting and the PARTICIPANTS lets make HISTORY!

    • OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG! What happen in two days time We have dropped from Number one spot to number two we held the lead consistently but this WILL BE WON by STRATEGIC and CONSISTENT VOTING daily and encouraging your friends to VOTE for her as well …HERE IS TODAY’S Status….WE CAN DO BETTER!>>Thank you for voting!
      Tisa Key 82.43% (244 votes)

      Aminah Cole 14.86% (44 votes)

      Melba Moore 2.36% (7 votes)

      Amin Joseph 0.34% (1 vote) >>>>>http://blackcelebrationawards.com/acting-performing-arts/

    • Amazing ENERGY in YEAR TWO of this AWARD…..We love Aminah we believe in her and THE DREAM thank you Black Celebrations Awards for this OPPORTUNITY to SUPPORT one another!

  3. Mrs.Lynnette Carr Hicks, a superwoman is what I like to call her. A woman that has a dream & captures creativity to the fullest. My music teacher since 9th grade. Mrs.Carr is a loving & well rounded person. She goes above & beyond for our community. From her magical, Show Choir to winning numerous awards & being recognized in the publics eye. My loving & special teacher deserves it all, may God continue to bless & keep her humble!!!

    Love You, Mrs.Carr

  4. Cary L. said:

    Miss Lynnette Carr-Hicks is the greatest, most phenomenal teacher/second mother we can ask for. She teaches drama, and show choir as her job, but her true goal in life is to bring out the performer in each of her students. She is doing more than helping the black community in long island, but she is one of the foundational rocks that us students build upon, and she surely deserves to be honored.

  5. Mrs. Carr-Hicks is not only an amazing woman, but she is also a wonderful show choir director. She really helps you come out of yourself and be the best performer you can be. She invests her time and energy in us. Without her Uniondale High School Show Choir “Rhythm of the Knight” wouldn’t even exist or achieve all the accomplishments we have achieved thanks to Mrs. Carr-Hicks. I think she truly deserves this award. She is making history in our black community.

  6. Safirya said:

    Mrs. Carr is an amazing woman. She is extremely talented and simply amazing. Despite what is going on in her life, she puts her students first. She is like a mother to us and deserves this award. -Safirya

  7. She is Fabulous

  8. Gabby H said:

    Ms. Carr Hicks what can you say , shes an amazing, loving music teacher . She goes above and beyond for everything that she does . She never leaves you dissapointed , the shows that she has directed will leave you speechless. As a student she has taught me much more than just a few notes but how to perform on stage , to always have a smile on your face & to always follow your dream. Thank you Ms Carr 🙂
    Love you !

  9. Its looks like a tight race between Ms.Cole and Ms. Hicks I think the are both amazing ladies! But we are so TEAM Aminah Cole!

  10. Aminah Cole is a very gifted and talented entertainer and a staunch advocate for the arts, especially as it pertains to fuller-figured artists. She is widely cognizant of the multi-faceted ways in which plus-sized entertainers contribute to music, fashion and drama. Ms. Cole is pursuing her dream of providing a vehicle for plus-sized entertainers to convey their passion for the entertainment arts and in the midst of those ventures, lobbying for full societal acceptance of talented individuals who may not fit the standard. Aminah is helping to open doors to the full-figured entertainment community that would otherwise be closed. PLEASE VOTE FOR and support Aminah Cole in her endeavors as she moves forward with her efforts to ensure that plus-sized individuals take center stage!

    • shena the duva said:

      Hey diva Glama! Luv you sis! I concur! She’s a visionary and I support her 1000%! Shena

    • Thanks Glama and Shena we so appreciate your vote and your input! I concur as well and I am loving getting to know more and more about this amazing woman as she journey’s from here to there with her dreams and her integrity intact!

  11. Doyin A.A said:

    Mrs, Lynnette Carr-Hicks is not only an amazing performer and singer herself but she has the ability to shape and mold young minds into great performers. She is like a mother to all her Show Choir children, and we feel safe no where else. Mrs Carr-Hicks strives for excellence in every performance and demands it from her students. She presents a real-world perspective on aspiring singers, dancers, actors etc. Only Mrs. Carr-Hicks has a heart big enough to give to her students. Mrs. Carr-Hicks pushes past mental, physical, spiritual pain for the idea “The Show Must Go On”. She puts her health in jeopardy to ensure our Show Choir performances are the absolute best they can be. Mrs. Carr-Hicks is kind, loving, and forgiving. I know no one else that genuine. PLEASE VOTE FOR Mrs. Lynnette Carr-Hicks.

  12. Team Carr-Hicks

  13. Arlene Robertson said:

    What is going on with the tallying of these votes? On Monday Brianna Seagraves was up to 7.02% and today she is back to 6.68. Is this some kind of joke that I am wasting my time on each day?
    Arlene Robertson

    • It isn’t a waste of time if you care for her to win. There are other nominees who are aggressive in having voters vote for them. The way the percentile works is, as voters vote more for an individual, their percentage increases and other nominees within the category percentages decrease.

      • Thanks for clearing that up! I believe in working hard for causes and this one is important enough to us! TEAM Aminah Cole!

      • Well so now the percentages are not showing up at all and this close to the end of the voting that’s kind of shady???? IJS been campaigning and supporting this effort and now we don’t know who is where in this competition doesn’t seem fair to me right now!

  14. Darlene Miller said:

    Aminah Cole is a kind spirited person who knows what she wants out of life! My vote is for Aminah!!!

  15. Christiana Sheriff said:

    The best of all…keep it up my dear.

  16. Melani Torres said:

    I would love for Ms Knox to win, she has dedicated so much for The kids and gives so freely..God bless her soul

  17. shena the duva said:

    Wishing everyone success& happiness. My vote is for Aminah Cole!

  18. Chike Evans said:

    I know of no one more deserving than my sister… Tiah Knox! Good luck to you mama!

  19. Samiyah Roberts said:

    #TeamTiahKnox ! I am cheering for Ms. Tiah Knox. I’m one of her girls she gave the opportunity to learn how to be a MODEL. I’m 17 years old and want to become a professional model soon and Ms. Knox is taking time out of her busy schedule just to help me. The best part is, I’m not the only one! But enough about me. She is a very intelligent; dedicated woman with a lot of class, beauty, and ambition. Plus, she has a lot of heart and her personality is out of this world! She’s my inspiration because she never gives up even when the time gets tough and still look beautiful doing it . That’s what I call a glamorous warrior diva! Go Tiah !

  20. #TeamTiahKnox

  21. Mary Tarawally said:

    Ms. Tiah Knox can be described as one who is creative, inventive, caring, a leader, and a friend of the peoples’. As her sister, i see Ms. Knox as who gives back to the community throufh her the different arts the Lord has blessed her with. Through projects she fosters such as The Loving Me project and her LPSP magazine, and through others as well, Ms. Knox is one who is self given and brings service to others in her community. It is with a sincere heart that Ms. Knox should recieve this award.

  22. #TeamTiahKnox said:

    Tiah Knox
    , We Love you !

  23. #TeamTiahKnox said:

    Tiah is perfect for this category! We Love You Taih may God continue to use you!

  24. #TEAMCARR-HICKS said:

    Lynnette Carr-Hicks …. Enough Said

  25. Mary Tarawally said:

    As one who inspires, Miss Knox has been the face of beauty, diginity, sophifistication, class and model. In alll she presents herself in, she takes on the role of one who helps and mentors through the various programs she oversees, such as “The loving me project,” which carters to teenage females who encounter trumatic situations and thus help to regain their beauty and selfesteem, the ” God Got This Magazine” project; a project that introduces Jeaus Christ into society, feaurtering celebrities that have a foundation based on the Lod Jesus Christ, and the Rowell-Marie Collection, a clothing collection designed for full figure women in the 21st century. With a heart of gold and a mission to be of self service to othwrs, Miss Knox dedicates her life to helping people because she choses to and because there is a need and such people should be rewarded for their hearts’ work.

  26. Jaeson Williams said:

    Ok everyone its time to clear things up. This is a tight race indeed but we all know that Ms.Carr-Hicks is gona win this. She is undoubtly the mst hard working individual ive ever seen. She is coach of the #1 winning showchoir in the country, Our championship trophy says so, Fox5 says so, CNN says so, News12, ABC, Sheryl Ralph(Mother of Moesha, Played the original Effie for Dream girls on broad way), our hardwork says so, and we say so. Now Ms.Cole may be a good person,BUT Ms.Carr-Hicks is the better person for always putting us first. We would do anything for her, seriously anything dont test us -_-. For the time being she may not be in first by votes, but she will always be first to us.So vote for the most hard working and qualified individual. And if your still confused its Lynnette Carr-Hicks!!! #TEAMCARR-HICKS!!! let anyone else that thinks otherwise go that way—–>

  27. Eunice Lewis said:

    Eunice Lewis says that Brianna Seagraves is a gifted and talented young lady who always has the support of her extended family and friends. We’ve all watched her grow through and in many areas of entertainment. She’s beautiful both physically and spiritually and the mediums of stage, screen and television would be blessed to have her share her gifts.

  28. Go Vanessa Evans! Vanessa is a phenomenal actress, director, producer and writer. I’ve never seen someone with such a passion for the arts combined with a dedication to community service. She deserves to be honored for her work and it is an honor to know her and see her in action.

  29. Vanessa has brought back the arts in Harlem when most arts programs have been and still are closing down. She’s opening up the doors for our youth to express themselves through creative art. While public school institutions have closed down their performing arts programs, which are restricted to dance, music, and theater, the talking drum sets the stage for our children to express themselves no matter what talents they may possess. I support Vanessa’s efforts in serving the Harlem community and it’s a no brainer that many accolades will follow her endeavors.

  30. Kim Simmons said:

    Brianna Seagraves is an awesome actress and designer. I have watched her talents increase and grow for many years. I would be honored to have her represent the black community, as she has much to say through her works!! We love you Brie Sea!!!

  31. Myrtice Wooten said:

    Vanessa is very talented, very passionate and dedicated to her art. Therefore, she is truly deserving of The Acting & Performing Arts Award.

  32. tamela meehan said:

    Good Luck Vanessa, you are so deservant!

  33. Brenda McLaughlin said:

    As a parent to one of Ms. Vanessa Evan’s students, I applaud her for her vision and dedication to the arts! I have seen the growth in her students over these past couple of years! Ms. Evans is very talented artist and has such a warm and calming spirit about herself. It is a pleasure to know her and I’m glad that my child is a part of her theater ensemble. You have my vote! You deserve to be honored to receive the The Acting & Performing Arts Award! All the best!

  34. Marvin Voltaire said:

    She’s professional and the greatest performer in the entire world!!!!!

  35. Marvin Voltaire said:

    Shes a leader in so many different ways and has a positive influence in our community! She’s help hundreds I wAnna say thousands of kids understand music in a way no one would thank possible!

  36. Walter brown said:

    Win. Win Lynette good luck

  37. C Jackson said:

    Lynette Carr-Hicks is a dynamic motivator that has a talent for bringing out the talents and abilities of others regardless of their level. I have seen her take children as young as 4 who were quiet and introverted and turn them into solo singers. Her talent, dedication and abilities are abundantly evident with the work she has done with the Uniondale High School Show Choir which has won National Awards, been featured several times on television shows and has and will be performing during MLB and NBA sporting events. God has blessed her with a special gift and she has used it to bring out the best in others.

  38. Kim Holmes said:

    I have been a fan since she was just two years old ! She has had talent as far as I can remember at age two!! I’m team LYNNETTE CARR-HICKS!!! I love you Lynn!!! Cuz Kim

  39. Kim Holmes said:

    Smooches to the best!!! Team Carr-Hicks

  40. A'shantae Heket Ba Sesen said:

    A devoted woman with a couragous spirit. One who is not only there for another but she is an inspiration to so many. She brought the Talking Drum Theatre Arts Program to life. What was only a thought is now a movement with a steady pulse. She has helped these children of our Harlem Renaissance community to learn of their true inner selves. During these sprouting moments of guidance with the youth she too has blossomed beautifully into an even more astonishing person. She took on the responsiblilty of a role model and never looked back. “Lights, Camera, Action!!!” Her light is truly shining bright. These students no longer watch television just because a show is on and it is something for them to do. The minds of these young people have been enlightened. Being apart of the Talking Drum Theatre Arts Program has opened up another perspective on theatre for her students and they’re families as well as they’re friends/peers. These students will strive to be the B-E-S-T because of her understand, support and motivation. Knowledge is key and she gives them that data or information when they need it. I am sure all of the nominees deserve the Acting & Performing Arts Award. To have come this far I applaud all of the nominees. A person with her natural abilities should always be acknowledged for her positive influence to our children of our future. I honor her, Vanessa Evans, my icon. Vanessa, I commend you on your leadership. Your accomplishments have brought you to a new horizon. Continue to thrive!

  41. Megan S. Wedderburn said:

    Lynette Carr Hicks is a dynamic woman who constantly gives her time, efforts and talents to better youth and young adults. It is an honor to vote for someone of high intergrity who believes in youth ans young adults. From plays to talent shows, Lynette gives young adults the opportunity to broadcast their talents while setting a high standard for them to reach, she is a teacher and mentor who teaches perseverance, class, dignity and balance to her students, A mighty woman of valor!

  42. Percy Holmes said:

    Simply the best!!

  43. Sophia Valentin :) said:

    Mrs. Carrhicks is the most devoted person i have met in my life . when something has to be done ,Mrs.Carrhicks gets it done and she makes she does it with all her effort. Her friends , family , and her show choir are always amazed with her ideas as well as her amazing personality. Mrs.Carrhicks can motivate everybody to do whatever they put their mind to , and when they get finished with it , it is perfection. Mrs.Carr could sell sand in a desert and could m,ake the best out of any situationhe has mad emy life and my hobby worth every while .

  44. Kim Holmes said:

    Already told you how great you are!!!!

  45. christy said:

    A beautiful person with an even more beautiful soul… A great singer/actress/model…I am proud of all of her accomplishments.

  46. Simply take a look at some of the work Tisa Key has done. She truly gives the audience a great performance. Best of luck!

  47. Go Tisa!

  48. Tisa Key is a talented actress and true professional. She has a knack for elevating scenes with her strong presence. What a pleasure to work with!

  49. Caleb J said:

    I see you are doing your thing Aminah. Keep up the good work.

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