Nominations Are Now Open

Below are the 20 major industries in which individuals will be recognized.

 Acting & Performing Arts | Art & Photography | Beauty & Personal Care | Business | Comedy | Culinary & Beverage | Culture | Education | Empowerment | Fashion & Design | Health & Wellness | Law & Politics | Literature & Publishing | Music | News & Journalism | Philanthropy & Humanitarianism | Spirituality | Sports & Fitness | STEM | TV & Film

20 celebrity and elite individuals will be chosen within each industry. Also, our “People’s Choice” portion will allow the public to vote using our poll voting system. Totaling 40 honorees for our awards ceremony. Nominations for our 2018 awards ceremony will begin Sep 4th, 2017 and close Dec 30th, 2017. Individuals can either nominate themselves or an affluent individual they believe deserving of recognition. Submissions must be made via this website by clicking on a category in the navigation bar or by emailing us directly at info(at)blackstreetonline(dot)org with high res photos and bios attached. All submissions will be reviewed and accepted at the Board of Directors discretion. To maintain a level of nonpareil and eliteness, we reserve the right to respectfully decline nominee submissions.


Polls will close December 30th, 2017. Our “People’s Choice” winners will be announced January 8th, 2018 and will join our honorees at the Black Tie Awards on Feb 28th, 2018. 


1 thought on “Nominations Are Now Open”

  1. I nominate Asha Tarry for her incredible work with improving mental health and her never-ending desire to uplift others.

    Diana’s Real Talk

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